RUMOR: Apple Mac OS X Leopard to replace ‘Aqua’ with ‘Illuminous’

“Apple Gazette has received a tip from an apple insider that the Mac OS Aqua User Interface will be replaced with a new UI named Illuminous,” Michael reports for Apple Gazette.

“The source goes on to say that we will see a demonstration of Illuminous at Macworld 2007,” Michael reports.

Michael reports, “The gensis for this rumor started earlier this year when Apple posted a position on seeking a senior visual interface designer ‘to conceive, design and develop future enhancements to Aqua, the dynamic user interface for Mac OS X.'”

Full article here.

“Apple [on Firday] seeded a new version of Leopard (build 9A326) to internal Apple employees. This latest build is reported to have fixed bugs from the last build (9A303) such as Quicktime crashing, printing problems and issues with .Mac such as iDisk synching. Apple continues to gloss over the interface, refining it even more and there is an overly presence of black gloss,” MacShrine reports.

Full article here.


  1. ok this move on apples’ part to keep us waiting for ‘top secret’ features is totally unfair.

    28 days and counting. . . . . . . . .

    its times like this i wish i was run over by a car and was in a coma for 27.5 days

  2. ErG4000. Right on. Apple Computer today is really NeXT Computer. Its like NeXT bought Apple a few years back.

    I’m suprised that Apple doesn’t sue MS for copyright infringement. Vista is a flat-out rip-off of OSX.

  3. Hi Jake:

    Just have a look at iTunes 7 (rollbar) and you will have a sneek preview on Leopard ! It’s clean, aesthetic and it’s GREY. Aqua is history…

    The GUI of the Operating System shouldn’t dominate the application UI.

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