Apple deal with TiVo inevitable?

“You can’t spell TiVo without iTV. Does that mean a deal between the digital video recorder maker and Apple is inevitable? Some in the blogosphere seem to think so,” Tim Beyers writes for The Motley Fool.

Beyers writes, “On Tuesday, Matt Haughey of reported a ‘wild rumor’ that claims Apple will license one or more TiVo patents for its soon-to-be-released iTV technology and rename iTV ‘Mac Media Capsule.'”

“So is there anything to this theory? Yes. Apple and TiVo are kindred spirits in that both appeal to the well-to-do technophile. Both also have a stake in how programming is delivered to you,” Beyers writes.

Beyers writes, “But that doesn’t mean it will happen. For now, Apple and TiVo are separate entities with common interests and uncommon enemies. If there’s a deal to be had it may simply be because TiVo has more than 100 patents and because Apple management has both the cash and the brainpower to avoid a needless court battle. Sexy? No. Exciting? Hardly. Probable? More so than any of the other conspiracy theories I’ve heard.”

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  1. Hmmm….well what do I know expect that I like my EyeTV (!) hard and software and if it was up to my Apple would just buy Elgato…. okay it’s not the same as TiVo but nevertheless it would be a cool thing to do: a lot of exciting products that work.

    MacB, Netherlands.

  2. I’ve owned Replay for many years and still prefer it to TiVo for one simple reason. Replay has a 30-second jump button. Commercials tend to come in 30-second increments so simply clicking on the jump button the requisite number of times allows us to get by commercials in a flash.

    Another use for the 30-second jump button is to reduce an NFL game to about 10 or 12 minutes. The time between the downing of a ball and the resumption of the next play is perfectly matched to this button. Way more cool than TiVO, IMHO.

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