BusinessWeek: Wish List for Apple ‘iPhone’

“Clearly all the signs are pointing to an early January launch of an iPod/wireless phone hybrid the next time Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs takes the stage for another of his keynote addresses at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco,” Arik Hesseldahl writes for BusinessWeek.

“While there has been a great deal of speculation about whether and when Jobs will unveil this phone, there has been only scattered discussion about what—besides making phone calls and playing music—the phone might actually do,” Hesseldahl writes. “And while today’s generation of mobile-phone devices can certainly do a great deal, they rarely do many of these things well. And here’s where Apple tends to shine: translating inherently complex technical capabilities into a simple design, and creating a pleasant consumer experience around them.”

Hesseldahl writes, “If any company in the world can create an ‘experience’ around sharing photos wirelessly, for example, Apple can. Here’s some other thoughts for things the phone might do, and how it might extend the Apple brand beyond the Mac and the iPod.”

Hesseldahl’s wish list includes:
• Music Downloads
• Sharing Music
• iTunes Ringtones
• Portable iApps
• Photos and Video
• Super Headphones
• Data Storage
• Open to Developers

Hesseldahl writes, “Basically I’m looking for Apple to fulfill all those many unfulfilled promises that the wireless phone manufacturers like Motorola and Nokia , Samsung and Sony Ericsson have failed to deliver. Because if not Apple, then who?”

Full article here.

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  1. Phones are in a state relative to the MP3 player in 2000. I want a phone to connect to my mac (verizon does not support mac) throw some songs on it and take to work.
    Frustrating looking for decent phone/MP3 player (given the limits set on the Rckr phone).
    This Apple phone really should be a blockbuster, it’s not a guarantee but I think Apple wil not mess this up.

  2. #1 on MY list?

    How about a decent interface.

    Let’s face it, hardware bells and whistles aside, cell phones basically suck. Whoever designs the interfaces must be the demon offspring of the guy who invented VCR programing interfaces.

    If anyone can do it, and it’s been proved thus far, NO ONE can, Apple can!

  3. I have a fifteen year old microwave that has a touchscreen and it still works flawlessly.
    Don’t say a touchscreen would not work for a phone or video iPod in this modern day.
    I want to see a touchscreen device where the screen only shows an iPod when you want an iPod, shows only a phone when you want a phone, and shows PDA
    functions only when you want PDA functions.
    Sure, some of the features have to integrate, so integrate them seamlessly and transparently.
    If I can dream this big, I know Jobs has already dreamed and/or considered it. Add syncing, bluetooth, portable iChat, etc., and you have a revolutionary device.
    I think Apple would be crazy to come out with anything that is NOT revolutionary. The’ve got billions in reserve…they don’t want or need another tiny slice of the cellular phone pie. They are just having fun changing the world and will accept nothing less.

  4. If you read to the end of the article, you will see that he also wants a kitchen sink built in.

    Seriously, this guy does not understand KISS (Keep I Simple, Stupid!).

    KISS is the design philosophy at Apple. Or at least deceptively Simple.

    This joker wants the same bloated monstrosity he already has, but with an Aplle logo.

  5. If Apple churns out what is basically an iPod nano strapped to a cell phone it will go nowhere.

    On the other hand, if Apple becomes the first company to put together a usable cell phone advanced feature interface–one where, like the above said, you don’t feel like you’re programming a VCR–where the iPod is the draw in rather than the beginning and end of product then they will have a hit on their hands.

    Either way, I’m probably not getting one. I need to bring a phone into courthouses that don’t allow camera phones, so I’m stuck getting whatever the cheapest piece of crap the carrier is offering because the better phones all have cameras.

  6. I don’t know, I’m beginning to have my doubts about all of this. Somehow I get the feeling that Jobs will try to sell it as an iPod that “just happens” to do phone calls too; like he did with video. That, in my opinion, would be a disaster. If Apple is going to get into the phone business they better come into it gunning for blood, not this tippy-toe approach they have made with other new products they have released. Xserve and iWork come to mind. Both have obvious potential but Apple is not aggresively pursuing those markets.

    If all Apple gives us is a Nano that makes phone calls it will be panned and ridiculed. I mean, what if all they have is that? Or that their first stab at it is so basic? With all this hype surrounding an Apple branded phone, it could be a real let down.

    I don’t know, I hate to be a poo pooer, especially with something that doesn’t even exist yet, but an iPhone needs to be a phone with iPod functionality, not an iPod with phone functionality.

    Phones are just too important to people. You can live without your iPod but you take that phone with you everywhere.

  7. I’d like a phone that is a PHONE! Not some awful phone/camera/mp3 player. I want a phone, that works as a phone, and works very well as a phone.

    Honestly, why on earth have phone manufacturers got this obsession with cramming everything that lands on the design desk into a phone. It’s madness. Camera? I got an IXUS, which does the job Very well. mp3 player? I got an iPod, which does the job very well.

    I want a phone that does exactly what it needs to do so I can make phone calls and send text messages. Effortless syncing with my Mac, and nothing else.

    Memo to Steve & Jonathan: KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!!!!

  8. the treo 650 is a good phone to start with. then add the following:

    1. Palm OS simplicity
    2. 2MP camera with flash
    3. auto sync of pictures and video from phone onto mac
    4. usual ipod capabilities
    5. half the thickness of the treo
    6. edgeless ipod design

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