RUMOR: Apple prepping Mac-based media center with gaming capability

Apple “12 months ago approched IBM in an attempt to get access to the cell processor now found in the new PS3. This was knocked back because of Sony’s investment and part ownership of the processor development program,” David Richards reports for Smarthouse.

Richards reports, “This week in Sydney the Vice President of Technology for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Paul Holman and I discussed the possibility of Apple entering the games market. ‘It is possible and we are aware that they have been looking at several opportunities,’ he said. ‘They would need a very good processor like the cell which right now is delivering a lot of power to the PS 3 which developers have discovered has given them a lot of headroom to further develop new gaming capabilities,’ he added.

“Another Sony Computer Entertainment executive said, ‘We have known for some time of Apple’s interest in the games market however it will be tough for them up against Sony and Microsoft and of late Nintendo. We believe that they will come into the games market late in 2007 but not with a pure gaming console. We are told that they are looking at a pretty powerful media centre with a big gaming capability,'” Richards reports.

Richards reports, “What I am told is that Apple is working on developing a media centre that will allso allow games to be played from the Apple Media Centre console however the problem for Apple is identifying and getting access to the right processor which allows developers to quickly re code existing programs for the potential new Apple media centre. They are also very reluctant to enter the market with a pure gaming console. What they believe is that by introducing gaming as an extension of a media centre will attract a wider audience than gamers.”

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The rumor mill starts to spin once again. ‘Tis the season…

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  1. The MOST important thing in the Gaming industry is CONTENT. without content you have crap. unless apple is going to create its own Game studio, they will just have ports from all the other systems & PC. I am already an Xbox and Xbox Live user, and plan on getting a Wii as soon as I get my hands on one. I dont see how anyone will make more room in my living room for something else that both those consoles dont deliver already.

    im all for competition, I just dont think apple can compete in this market as a similar product. It will have to be totaly different.

  2. What I really think Apple is up to with the hiring of personell with game development experience is to better tailor aspects of OS X for game developers for Macs. Or maybe Mac gaming rigs that are Mac PCs designed with gaming in mind. But that’s more likely than a console. If Apple really is looking into it, then it will probably come along as a new feature to the iTV, if it’s successful.

  3. To beat the entrenched competition (Sony, MS, Nintendo)you need to be better, cheaper or redefine the market.

    Apple is not better (less games, games don’t have normal OS interfaces anyway, PS3 & XBox are already photo-realistic), Apple is unlikely to be cheaper than Nintendo, so they will have to redefine the market e.g. why have a console-only when you can have an iTV/Mac Capsule which can talk with the iPhone, video iChat, play movies, CDs, TV, Photos, games, surf, wireless router, HD-ready, etc.

    Do you think there will be a link between the iPhone and the iTV e.g. for free internet calls, downloading ringtones and video conferencing?

  4. blah blah blah

    the real power is in the GPU

    Apple could just do some game stuff for fun, it does not have to be Xbox or PS comparable. Nentendo Wii are selling just because it is fun.

    If Apple had some fun low cost games that were imaginitive people would buy them, expecially as the Mac market expands.

  5. The Tech Sector Analyst Community knows that Apple is already
    behind in its plans to release its Mac Based Media Center Gaming
    machine to its niche customer base.

    The delay in the Video iPod plus the CONFIRMED DELAY in the
    planned release of its iPhone — and now this further delay in
    coming to market with a Mac Based Media Center Gaming machine
    is all too much for investors, analysts, and Apple’s Board to accept.

    The end of Apple’s expensive stock price valuations is near.


    An analyst friend of mine explains it all very professionally in that link.

    Read it and sell.

    Maybe, sell first, and then read it.

    Save yourselves from personal financial ruion.

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