CIO Insight’s 2006 Top 40 Vendors (#9 Apple Computer)

“CIO Insight’s annual Vendor Value study had some surprising results this year. A newcomer to the list—CDW—takes first place, unseating Red Hat, which fell to third place. Yet while companies like Research In Motion, Hewlett-Packard, Citrix and Motorola improved their scores, the overall results indicate that CIO satisfaction with their vendors has waned significantly since last year,” Allan E. Alter reports for CIO Insight.

CIO Insight’s annual ranking of the most important information technology vendors by by value, reliability and loyalty:
Rank – Company Name: Score %
1 – CDW: 81%
2 – Trend Micro: 80%
3 – Cisco Systems : 77%
3 – Red Hat: 77%
5 – Research In Motion: 76%
6 – Hewlett-Packard: 75%
7 – Citrix Systems: 74%
7 – Dell: 74%
9 – Apple Computer: 73%
10 – McAfee: 70%

24 – Microsoft: 59%

Apple’s score breakdown is here.

The full list is here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple was #2 in this survey last year.


  1. Well, considering ” value, reliability and loyalty”:

    Dell, RIM, and Red Hat beat Apple? And McAfee is just one place behind Apple?

    Who put this list together? Consumer Reports??

    I don’t buy this. Heh next year they’ll have Gateway at #1.

  2. ..and the 128 resondents for Apple worked with Apple for only 17% of the year? Mmmm….

    The hundreds of respondents who work with Microsoft for 80% of their time demonstrate that it has big problems in its core business.

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