Apple shares fall as CIBC sees ‘iPhone’ release delayed

“Apple Computer Inc. shares fell [today] after CIBC World Markets analyst Ittal Kidron said he believes the company’s anticipated iPhone product will come out in either the late first quarter or early second quarter of 2007,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

Apple shares are currently off $2.60, or -2.89%, to stand at $87.23.

Full article here.


  1. rumor,

    Did you really say that?? “The stock went up on speculation (intelligent guesses) and if that speculation does not pan out the price should fall. You are the idiots!!

    People want Apple to do something. Based upon random wild guesses by people all trying to out do each other, more speculation grows.
    Then someone specualtes that the prior speculation about certain best guesses (ie speculation) may be delayed (not canceled). And that is the reason for a price, which bobs like an apple in rough seas, goes up or down???????

    Just pure speculation, I say. : -)


  2. I turned on my proximity switch and guess what, there is no iPhone in the Apple labs, not even something that comes close to an iPhone. But… I see something that puts an end to telephony as we know it.

    oh, forget it, I came to close to a reality distortion field…

  3. Historical note:

    My initial foray into the stock market came in the mid-80’s when a relatively small company named Microsoft failed to release “Word 4.0” as scheduled. My broker at that time was president of our local Mac Users Group (MUG), but he convinced me that when the product DID actually ship, the stock would explode.

    It did . . . and it did.

    And today I placed an order for 100 shares of AAPL at $85.

  4. If there is no iphone does it seem reasonable for Apple to not squash the rumors? Perhaps. If there is no iphone, it may be to misdirect competitors while Apple is putting the finishing touches on a new gem that hasn’t even been speculated on. Or perhaps the rumor mongering is all a part of a brilliant word of mouth viral marketing campaign. I can speculate too. I think mine are more factual than the “profesional analysts.”

  5. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) analyst Ittal Kidron
    is correct.

    Apple is already months behind in it’s ( <– ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> planned release of
    an iPhone.

    Apple stock will go down and continue to drift lower until the company
    catches up on its timetable and manages to release a working iPhone.

    Analysts know the market. And investors have no patience for delayed

    Ittal Kidron knows that Apple is daring the ire of investors, analysts, and
    the market by delaying this product — on which Apple’s financial future
    and stock price crucially depend.

    I bet an analyst soon will reveal the markets’ view that Apple’s Board is
    not pleased with the delay of the Apple iPhone and that if something is
    not done to correct this situation fairly soon Steve Job might be asked
    to leave Apple in 2007.

  6. Example: You take a train with no schedule… and then you sue the train company because the train is “too late”. Right.
    So our “beloved” analysts did it again. Same procedure as every year?
    Same procedure as every year, Mister Steve…
    First push it, then cash out followed by “bad news” about “delayed products”.
    I am feeling like having a dejavu once every couple of weeks.

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