doPi Karaoke turns Apple iPod into a karaoke machine with streaming video lyrics

doPi Karaoke turns your Apple iPod into a fully functional and convenient karaoke machine.

Users simply download karaoke songs from in either Video format (including synchronized streaming lyrics) or Audio format (streaming lyrics are not included – for those that do not have video capability on their music players). Load the downloaded files onto your iPod. Plug your iPod into the doPi Karaoke System and then connect doPi Karaoke to your TV or stereo to create a karaoke party anywhere (home, office, school, church, etc.)

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  1. Browse Songs / International / 7 Songs: Displaying 1-7 / “In the Style of…”

    Devil Woman Cliff Richard audio only
    We Don’t Talk Anymore Cliff Richard     audio only
    Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Travis     audio only
    Wearin’ Of The Green Tony Malone And The Rapparees audio or video
    One Irish Rover Van Morrison     audio only
    The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling) Atomic Kitten audio only

    Nothing from the current “hot” areas: Iraq, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan!

    “In the Style of…” is a clever way of disguising thin content. And good luck figuring out the song pricing. It’s no Enter-Tech.

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