100GB Apple iPod coming in early 2007?

“Toshiba on Tuesday announced new 100GB models of a small hard drive, a move that could lead to larger-capacity iPods next year,” Stephen Shankland reports for CNET News.

“A Toshiba representative wouldn’t discuss customer plans for the 1.8-inch drive, and Apple Computer declined to comment on the possibility of a boost to the music device, describing it as speculation,” Shankland reports. “However, Apple uses Toshiba drives in its higher-end iPods and has historically snapped up the latest models. Most recently, it added an 80GB version of its video iPod in September.”

Shankland reports, “Products using the new drives are expected to be on sale in the first quarter of 2007, the Toshiba representative said.”

Full article here.

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  1. Forget the 100 GB drive. It’s just means more stuff to lose. I’d rather the drive manufacturers spend more time increasing reliability than increasing storage. (I work tech support and I replace a *lot* of drives.)

    As to Apple, I hope they’re working on the *real* enhancements – you all know what I’m referring to…

  2. We won’t see these drives until summer of 2007 or later. Most likely in the September/October timeframe. Any time sooner would just be dumb on Apple’s part. They have a lot of stock (not to mention orders to be manufactured) of these things, and they need to clear those out, and have plenty of 100GB stock before an introduction. These processes take months.

    Mark my words, you won’t see a 100GB iPod until September 2007, if not longer.


  3. Didn’t anybody hear what I said? 100GB is more than 80GB. Statements like that are both painfully obvious and prove that I have intellect superior than that of all of the other posters on MDN. It’s my hallmark. Who wants to argue with me?

  4. @ Huh?

    You ability to state the bloody obvious is astounding! I bow to your intellectual prowess, how many digits is your IQ? I’d say double for sure! A true Master of the “known knowns”.
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