Parallels preps major update to Desktop for Mac virtualization software with Boot Camp support

“Parallels, Inc. is preparing to make a quantum leap in the art of Windows virtualization software for the Mac with a new version of its Parallels Desktop software that will introduce a refined user interface and greater support for Apple Computer’s Boot Camp software,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

Lane reports, “A beta of the upcoming release, distributed to testers this week, packs a completely redesigned interface for windows and dialogs, making them even easier to manage and more appealing to the eye.

“Another major enhancement in the new version — labeled Parallels Desktop for Mac Beta Build 3036 — will allow a pre-installed Apple Boot Camp partition with Windows XP to be used as a virtual hard disk drive. Users of the software will be able to boot from that Boot Camp partition directly from within Parallels Desktop, forgoing a restart,” Lane reports.

Lane reports, “Another long awaited feature slated to make its debut is ‘seamless drag-and-drop’ of files and folders between Windows and Max OS X. Along the same lines, a feature called ‘coherency,’ will display Windows applications as if they were Mac ones.”

More details in the full article here.

Parallels Desktop for Mac:

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  1. “Users of the software will be able to boot from that Boot Camp partition directly from within Parallels Desktop, forgoing a restart..”

    How will that impact performance of games.. It sounds like too many layers of processing.

  2. Parallels is veyry cool. Just set up my first install of it. It is freaky running Winılows on y Mac…but on the rare instance I need windows…boom it’s right there. very cool.

    And when I show Mac or Windze users…they all see the light. Why not just buy a mac and run both. Awesome.

  3. That means you’ll only need one install of Windows on your Mac, not the separate installs you currently need, each for Parallels and Boot Camp.

    ping, if you want to play games, you’ll still need to use Boot Camp.

  4. Yes, that sounds like only one windows install will be needed, shared between Parallels and Boot Camp. Perfect. Now, most apps can run through parallels, and when you need the real deal (games, midi, etc) you can reboot.

    That’s how it oughta be.

  5. ping: unless they do something totally revolutionary, you will still want to boot natively into Windows without using Parallels to play games. I believe it will be that way for some time. Still, all these new features are great! Been really looking forward to this! I didn’t think it would happen so soon!

  6. For me the only reason to have parallels near my Mac would be to show Win users and stop them in their tracks.. no desire to make myself cross and angry going into XP, but I accept it must be useful if you have to.

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