Apple Safari web browser market share passes 4% milestone, up 45% year-over-year

“According to data collected by Market Share, Apple Computer’s Safari Web browser continues to gain market share as it’s [sic] use continues to rise,” Switch To A Mac (STAM) reports.

STAM reports, “In November 2005, Safari’s market share as measured by Market Share (Net Applications) was 2.78 percent. In November 2006, Safari’s market share comes in at 4.03 percent… The rise from 2.78 to 4.03 represents a year-over-year growth of 45 percent (rounded to the nearest whole percent, actual rise is 44.96 percent) for the month of November.”

“The continued Safari usage increase can be used as a metric to track the increase in the number of Mac users. Note that Safari Mac OS X’s default Internet browser. It’s a well know fact that numerous OS X users rely on other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Camino. As a result, the Safari data is likely to under represent the actual growth of Mac users,” STAM reports.

“Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has fallen 6.32 percent year-over-year falling from 86.10 percent in November 2005 to 80.65 percent in November 2006,” STAM reports. “Mozilla’s Firefox browser is up 52.7 percent year-over-year rising from 8.84 percent to 13.5 percent over the same period.”

Full article here.

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