Adobe’s Photoshop CS3 builds show substantial improvements, release due in Q2 2007

“More than one year after Think Secret first reported details of Adobe Photoshop CS3, sources recently disclosed that as development enters its final months features have remained true to what was Adobe originally planned,” Think Secret reports.

“For many Mac users, the most notable improvement Adobe will be delivering with Photoshop CS3 is native support for Intel-based Macs. Sources stressed that the new version of Photoshop, which sports an upgraded and more responsive interface, continually exceeded their performance expectations, including on PowerPC hardware,” Think Secret reports.

“With version CS3, Adobe seems to have improved on virtually every application Photoshop is employed to handle,” Think Secret reports. “Adobe has previously said it is targeting the release of Adobe Creative Suite 3 for the second-quarter of 2007. Sources recently corroborated that date, saying an announcement in March or April seems reasonable given the current status of development.”

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  1. This is exactly what I would expect to happen now that they’ve been forced to dump all their legacy 68k code and do everything in XCode. I can’t wait to see how much faster it is. Photoshop has always seemed slow to me, even on a G5.

  2. I am a full time photographer and owner of the largest studio in our South Florida area. I can tell you right now that Aperature is nearly worthless. I own Apple stock and 7 macs, and I am a believer in Apple. Why Apple released Aperture is a big question for me.

  3. Aperture isn’t an alternative to PS, idiott. Does it support spot color channels? How would I edit an alpha channel?

    Sure, Adobe is starting to suck almost as bad as Quark but neither infantile temper tantrums like yours or reasoned pleas aren’t going to change decades of established workflows overnight, or in the next ten years. The best we can hope for is that CS3 will be the overpriced bug fix/update it promises to be.

  4. A faster better Photoshop will be welcome, but please Adobe price the upgrade to reflect the fact that most of us have had a pretty crappy time with a slooow CS2 – especially since we went Intel.

  5. Why do you want to boycott Adobe? Because they decided to innovate rather than re-encode older software that is about to be replaced? It would make no sense to use man power on a project that would yield no money whatsoever. Most of the people that buy the new macs, and need CS2 probably already have it and therefore would not be buying it (except perhaps for a small upgrade fee).

    Not only that, but I have found PS CS2 to be OK on my Intel Mac for now. Granted I am doing graphics for video, not posters. However, I asked my wife (a photographer) how she liked PS on the MacBookPro, and she said it’s great and better than on our older Powerbook (She knows nothing about the PPC/Intel stuff)..

    MDN word: Face, as in, “let’s face facts, It’s better for Adobe to get their new products out rather than re-encode old ones.

  6. As a full time Photographer as well, I find Aperture to be the most important app I use. I can sort 3000 frames in a matter of minutes. And if the shots are exposed properly, I have no need to open Photoshop.


  7. I’ve said this before: If the CS3 upgrade improves the speed PhotoShop as much as the increase that I’ve seen in Acrobat 8, I will be very pleased, indeed. Acrobat 8 is a revelation on Intel Macs. I had been using v6 prior to upgrading and it was almost painful to use on both my MB Pro and Mac Pro Quad Xeon 3gHz .

    CS3 can’t get here fast enough, and if it as good as Acrobat 8’s improvements, all will be forgiven with Adobe.

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