Apple shares hit new all-time high

Shares of Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) hit a new all-time high today, closing at $86.47, up $0.62 or 0.72%, on volume of 20,394,365 shares.. In after hours trading, Apple tacked on $0.04 to hit $86.51.

Apple previous all-time high was $86.40, set on January 12, 2006. Apple’s 52-week low was $50.16, set on July 14, 2006.


  1. I added some more AAPL at the right time (~51). Time to take a little off the table and let the core create more returns for me. Guess I’ll let the profit sit until the new OS drops and get myself a nice shiny new Apple toy (i.e. 24″ iMac, MacBook Pro, etc.).

  2. I bought AAPL right after the split last year when it was around $39-$40. According to my Ameritrade account, it gained 117% since I bought it. You gotta love the “little engine that could” of company that is Apple.

  3. Yea, stock boy and tech head seem to be oblivious to FUNDAMENTALS.

    When the sheep ran for cover in the summer months, I accumulated AAPL. Sweeeeet!

    Rock on Steve!

    One more thing®, with the iPhone and iChat Mobile being released next quarter, iTV, Macs on the rise and iPod still seeing massive growth, expect AAPL to hit $105 by March ’07.

  4. AAPL will likely hit 120 by mid-January. Everyone under-etimates this stock every time, but if this year is anything like last, you can bet on it.
    Thing is, this *isn’t* like last year – the company is in MUCH better shape and the long climb from the 50’s has given AAPL a very solid foundation. Add the fact that they will sell AT LEAST 15 million iPods (I say more like 30) for the holidays, Mac computer sales are growing at an amazing rate now the the Intel transition is over, iTV is out there, along with Leopard and… just maybe, the best phone ever devised by mankind.
    Trailing P/E is still below 40, and they’ve got $10bn in the bank with no debt. Even without new products and at an all-time high, things are looking great for substantial growth through the next few quarters at least.
    Look at Bollinger Bands and stochastic data until your eyes bleed, it won’t matter. AAPL is headed way up.


    MW: ‘general’ (motors could learn a thing or two)

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