Apple debuts new iPod shuffle ad (link to video)

Apple Computer has posted their latest iPod ad online, this time for their new second generation (2G) iPod shuffle.

The new iPod shuffle TV ad features “Who’s Gonna Sing?” by The Prototypes and shows various male and female torsos clipping their iPod shuffles onto their clothing with an interesting morph-like transition between each person – somewhat reminiscent of (dare-we-say-it?) the end of Michael Jackson’s “Black and White” video (in overall feel, not the exact same “morph” technique, of course).

It can be seen via QuickTime here:

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  1. i like it.. it’s funny cuz the first thing the geeks did when they saw it was.. “HEY! CAN I BREAK THE CLIP OFF TO MAKE IT HALF AS THICK?”

    The clip is very cool and useful. Slick.

    Where’s the ZuneTab?

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