Apple expands Mac pilot program to 47 Best Buy locations nationwide

“Apple Computer and Best Buy this week began final preparations to extend a pilot program, aimed at promoting Mac sales, to 47 Best Buy locations nationwide,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

Marsal reports, “The expansion, which builds upon an initial test pilot of approximately six stores, is due to roll out the week of Nov. 26 and include 17 stores in California, 7 in New Jersey, 5 in Virginia, 4 in New York, 3 in Illinois and another 3 in Massachusetts.”

“Each of the stores is due to receive a full array of Apple hardware, including desktop systems, notebooks and displays. Stores will also stock a select array of Apple software, as well as Apple accessories like notebook bags, power adaptors and connectivity cables,” Marsal reports.

Full article here.

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  1. My local BB seem to have an inordinate number of “Out of Stock” at the iPod section of the MP3 island. Makes me think that they’re pushing other brands which may have better margins for them.

  2. Joey, I would think that if they are out of stock that their iPods are selling, regardless of what they want to push. No retailer will leave shelf space empty if they can help it (empty space generates no money), so you can forget your conspiracy theory.

    I don’t think Zunes will be in short supply at retailers this holliday season.

  3. I bought my 12″ Powerbook about 3 years ago at a best buy. They even had an Apple rep on site. He is now a manager over in an Apple store in palo alto I beleive. It would be great to see Apple products on their shelves again, instead of all that crap.

  4. Horrible decision by Apple.

    This effort will fail.

    Best Buy is the worst.

    And Best Buy employees won’t sell anything they don’t get commissions on. Best Buy employees get NO commissions on selling ANY Apple products (and good for Apple for doing it this way). However, sleazy Best Buy won’t push anything unless their pockets are lined. It’s true — just spend 20 minutes at your local Best Buy and you’ll see this in action.

    Absolutely ridiculous decision by Apple.

  5. MacBill:

    Best Buy employees don’t make commission off of anything in the store. Don’t talk about things you don’t know about.

    That being said, Best Buy employees are notorious for being rushed out onto the sales floor before being properly trained. However, if they train their Apple employees like they train their Magnolia Home Theater teams, this could really work in Apple’s favor.

  6. Bob sez:
    “apple has been selling iPods and computers in my Canadian best buy location since it opened and i don’t see any problems with it.”

    I went into a Best Buy (also in Canada) and they had parked a giant scaffold right in front of the Apple section, you could see the equipment you just couldn’t get near it! Unless the Best Buy management informs their staff otherwise they will continue to subtly (or not so subtly!) sabotage the initiative.

  7. No retailer will leave shelf space empty if they can help it (empty space generates no money), so you can forget your conspiracy theory.

    don’t be so sure about that. Best Buy sold me a replaytv (on backorder) that I found out a couple weeks later that they had no intention of stocking. Which is why when I went to buy it they kept pushing Tivo on me instead of the replayTV.
    In fact, when I came back to complain (and get my money back) they tried to push a smaller Tivo on me. I didn’t want a Tivo, but I had to fight to get my money back. Turns out they were in a promotion deal with Tivo, which is why they weren’t going to restock any ReplayTVs. I actually did end up buying a smaller ReplayTV from them (got gift cards for christmas that year), but it was only the 1st in a long line of best buy horror stories of mine, I frankly have just started calling BB evil, if the subject ever comes up in my daily conversations.
    My parents live near one the Best Buys on the list, but I will stick to buying my stuff online at the Apple store, until I get an apple store in my area. I refuse to shop at Best Buy.

  8. You people don’t know what you’re talking about. This is a VERY positive thing for Apple. The masses need to see Apple products, not just us Mac nerds that go to the Apple store for the hell of it.

  9. One of the reasons the iPod is such a huge success is that so many retailers sell them.

    By Apple getting Macs in more shops increases the opportunity for people to buy Macs instead of Pieces of Craps. I would prefer Macs to stand side by side with a average looking PC because it will attract way more attention. Even if Apple sell 5 % more Macs through those channels it will be worth it. Plus they will be training Mac specialists at those stores to help smooth the transition.

    All that needs to be achieved is that the sales force jump on the Mac bandwagon just like they did with the iPod one.

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