Apple document confirms ‘touch-screen’ iPod [UPDATED] actually RTFM and found, oh, nothing much more than some instructions and an OFFICIAL APPLE MENTION OF A TOUCH-SCREEN IPOD!!!

All other Notes feature capabilities described in this document are supported for iPod models with display screens, beginning with the touch-screen models.

From Apple’s “iPod Notes Feature Guide,” dated October 20, 2006:

The guide in full is here (touch-screen iPod mentioned on page 10):

The report (in German) here.

What do you think? Real confirmation? A copywriter-in-the-know’s Freudian slip? A typo? Something else?

[UPDATED: November 3, 12:34am EST: The developer document has now been changed: “All other Notes feature capabilities described in this document are supported for iPod models beginning with third-generation iPod (dock connector) models with touch wheel.”

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  1. This is AMAZING – if true…

    iPod Notes will be interactive presentations … as in going to a the tour as you go in.

    Mindblowing stuff here.

    And the touch-screen iPoid reference is incidental, we know its coming.

  2. “You can use the iPod Notes feature with your custom content to easily transform any iPod with a
    dock connector into an automated personal tutor or a self-paced electronic tour guide.”

    This is why Apple is the innovator of the 21st century. And this is going to be HUGE.

  3. Nope it’s a misprint. Read the document and it doesn’t make sense.

    Video and audio is supported only in 5th gen iPod. All others features (i.e. except video and audio linking) are supported in all other iPods.

    If there was a touch screen iPod I would expect it to have more not less features than the 5th gen iPod…


    MDN Magic Word: Early (enough said!)

  4. The original german article clarifies that it was most probably just a typo: It probably should have said “touch wheel since the introduction of the touch wheel as used by more modern iPods also marked the introduction of the note feature in the iPod (I didn’t check, but it seems more than plausible and makes more sense than “touch-screen” in the context of the document).

    The note feature is most certainly not limited to potential future iPods with touch-screens as any owner of a semi-recent model can attest. And the red bar to the left of the respective paragraph in the Apple document (clipped away in the screen shot above) would indicate that some proof-reader has already recognized and marked the error.

    Sorry! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    However… it would not be entirely out of the question that the author suffered from a freudian slip when writing this text, knowing of such a future model and erroneously confusing items there… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Museums have used iPod-based tours for years, although this is a nice upgrade to Notes.

    But wow, that’s a great find. I am totally convinced it’s coming soon, too, based on the pricing structure.

    My prediction, it will fit into the new package design, so that all three iPod types are sold in the same type of box. Apple redesigned 2 our of the of the packaging and that never seemed right, to have the 5G iPods be in the old-style boxes.

    I think the tradish-iPod will be around for another quarter or so, maybe as a “classic”, until people are seen to be comfortable with an all-touch-screen iPod.

  6. I had some real problems with this … thought STOP! and ping had found some glaring errors in it, or not. Well … it does seem like a “typo”. Some features limited to 5G, others to anything with a Touch-Wheel, that makes more sense.

    Which in no way means that the Touch-Screen isn’t right around the corner. Apple’s patents, the obvious market for an “iPhone” and the obvious market for a “vPod” all scream “Coming Soon to a Pocket Near You”. Add in the re-invigorated push for games and PDA-like software on a system not currently well-suited to game-play or desk-like organization? And then there’s the potential thrill of watching as MS gets to eat tens of thousands of Zunes!

    I’m not sure if this is going to explode on the scene around Thanksgiving (end of this month, for non-US) or wait for MWSF. The Zune threat is real, even if a close examination of Zune vs iPod shows its only advantage being a few dollars and a lot of FUD. Sort of like Vista vs Tiger – so Apple should release ‘Leopard’ before the suitably ‘brown’ box gains any traction.

    MW = design … where Apple excels.

  7. People, this feeding frenzy is ridiculous.

    The tech writer made a simple mistake – this document is referring to a touch sensitive click-wheel or touch-wheel models. As you all know, the original iPod’s mechanical wheel was replaced with a touch-sensitive click wheel some years back.

    The entire document has exactly zero – nada, zilch, nothing – other references to a “touch-screen iPod”.

    Apple may or may not be working on a touch-screen iPod, but this document is not evidence for it or against it.

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