Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 haunted by old flaw

“A security problem originally found in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 browser has returned to haunt IE7, the new version of the browser launched two weeks ago, a security consultant said Monday,” Jeremy Kirk reports for IDG News Service.

“Danish security consultancy Secunia posted an advisory regarding an issue where an attacker could potentially snare logins and passwords from an unsuspecting IE7 user. Over two years ago, security researchers reported the same fault in IE6,” Kirk reports.

Kirk reports, “If a user visits a Web site specially crafted by an attacker, and then opens a ‘trusted’ site such as a bank or e-commerce site that has a pop-up window, the attacker can put new content into the pop-up, Secunia CTO Thomas Kristensen said. This could enable the attacker to ask a user for financial information or passwords, he said.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Garbage stinks.

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  1. Enderle says IE7 is rock solid. So this will come as a shock to him.

    Who’s surprised that the smell of insecurity wafts over MS products yet again.

    Evidence that Vista will be the same messy hotchpot of a security nightmare.

  2. @jay,

    Yeh, can you imagine the endless fun of IE7 on OS X. If they did this, then the first virus for OS X would probably take about 20 minutes…

    …I hope I haven’t given the Redmond losers any ideas.

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