Apple does it again: New Macbook Pros much cheaper than Dell

“After seeing how well equipped the updated Macbook Pros are I decided to go and compare them to comparable Dell machines. To my pleasant surprise the Macs are substantially cheaper,” Sean Balsiger reports for Newsvine.

“I took a quick look at the Dell store and found the Dell Precision line to be closest to the Macbook Pro line. It is their high-end line of notebooks. I started out with the basic 15.4 inch model and upgraded the Dell to match the standard features [of] the Macbook Pro,” Balsiger reports. “Final Price – Apple: $1,999, Dell: $2,874.”

“This brings us to the comparison of the 17 inch models,” Balsiger reports. “Final Price – Apple: $2,799, Dell: $4,142.”

Balsiger writes, “The myth that Apple computers are more expensive than PCs need to end. They have proven that they are committed to selling well-equipped computers at reasonable prices. Now people just need to take the time to compare the systems and realize that with a Mac they are getting a better computer at a better price with a better operating system, and if they don’t like Mac OS X they are still better off to spend hundreds of dollars less and buy a copy of Windows for their Mac. Is there really a reason to stay on PCs anymore?”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Is there really a reason to stay on PCs anymore?” Well, Sean, we never had a reason for PCs at all, but, since you’re asking: No.

What we said would happen (here, for one of many examples, and as early as June 2005 here) is happening already: the PC box assemblers are feeling the heat, it’s Microsoft’s turn next.

And who on earth is not going to like Mac OS X? Even the most severely Windows-dependent seem able to see the quality difference.

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  1. Blooregaurd,

    Just wait until there PC’s start having some problems, and quietly inform them that the Mac does not have this problem. Then periodically show them some of the cool stuff OS X can do like Expose, or Dashboard. Over time they will get the hint. I also like to use the argument that no one wants to buy a appliance (refrigerator, stove, etc.) that crashes, or in any way does not work as advertised, so why would they use a computer that did not work the way it is advertised.


    Magic Word: Help

    As in, it is your job to help them see the light.

  2. It is interesting that Jobs is using Dell’s own business model against them. Dell backed itself into a corner that it can’t offer the high end cheaper because it has to make up for the loss leader that is the cheap PC. Leave it to Apple to turn a company’s asset into a liability. It is truly business genius.

  3. Miyaco…

    I’m constantly doing that with my fiance, since I live with her and get to see her Dell constantly crashing everytime she runs IE… In fact, I have had my G5 up for 25.75 days and everytime I hear her restart i tell her that on the side… All that happens is that she gets mad at me. Her fathers’ computer is constantly having issues like freezing, overheating, losing files, and all of the other banes of windows like not being able to create a file sharing network easily… So I bring over my G5 and clamshell iBook (with 10.4.8 installed on both) and set one up in ten seconds. They still won’t ever touch it. Even after they KNOW that it’s better, they swear they will never use a Mac… I’m running out of ideas here…

  4. Blooregard325i, i have found that a supportive and understanding tone has done more to convince friends to try the mac than any hard sellling. after they try, that support goes a long way to keep them on the platform. it’s all about the experience. when friends tell me about their os problems, i don’t berate them or ask about the symptoms or details of the problem. instead i try my best to be compassionate and ask important questions– such as, “wow dude that sucks, did you lose anything important?”

    i think it is more effective to talk about the things we share as opposed to our differences. when someone see anything i’ve done- dvds, movies, pages material- the quality and polish of the finished product is usually enough to pique their interest. i casually mention the application i used and when they try to find it later, it’s invetible that they will discover it only exists on the mac.

    i have learned over the years that the worst way to convince anyone of anything is by telling them they made a bad choice. i don’t make people wrong. i don’t tell people i am the answer. i am just a finger pointing to another option.

    and yes, i totally refuse to do any maintenance on a pc, “i’m just not that smart.”

  5. I like my Alienware, my chosen hardware inside puts me in between the Macbook and Macbook Pro, but cost me less then the Macbook baseline. Core 2 Duo, DVD burning (Superdrive for you mac heads) and ATI X1400 128MB Video, and a 15.4″ 1280×800 Widescreen all for $1083 shipped.

    The speed is nice, battery is good, and gaming is awesome. Would I like a Macbook Pro? Nah, hate the aluminum and the price is just way more then I would ever pay for a laptop I would want to replace in a year. Still though, nice upgrades apple!

  6. Beryllium wrote…

    After all, as P. T. Barium said, there’s a sucker born every minute

    TRUE …but a growing number of those suckers are getting smarter – fast!

    And there not going to stand for Dell’s crap much longer!

    Not when theirs a twofer out there that half the price!

  7. I think these examples are a little far fetched. Dell’s retail MSRP’s are always inflated, and rarely what customer’s actually pay at checkout. Dell heavily relies on a never-ending stream of big coupon discounts to give customers the impression of getting a bargain. Dell’s final discounted prices are closer to the actual MSRP’s of Apple products.

  8. There are a lot of people who will pay over a grand for a PC. I talked to a guy at work last week. He has a G4 PB that his college gave him. He’s got to give it back but he hated it anyway.

    He bought a cheap PC and is happy with it. Wants to get a laptop too. I told him about the intel macs and his choice to run windows if he wants. He still thinks they are too expensive, but maybe I got him thinking.

    However price is an issue for many people. The question is should Apple go for that segment. Dell have been successful in taking that market, but since then have reduced profitability and facing stiff competition with HP.

    Apple entered the MP3 player market with a high priced unit. Once it took off, they introduced cheaper models including the shuffle. Now high volume makes them unbeatable in price and features.

    I think that is how Apple will go with the PC market. Once they get higher volume sales of MacBooks etc they will be able to drop prices simply because the component parts will cost less.

    They will add features that no other PC maker has (already do, but the differences will be greater). Lower prices and improved features will aid Macs intaking market share, but without the need to provide cheaper, at cost PCs, in the clearly now futile attempt to gain market share.

    Better that Apple have 10 % market share (6% in US now) with 30 % profit margin, than 20 % share with 10-15 % margin.

  9. To Blooregard: I agree with eggbert. I have been compassionate and supportive and then claiming that after so many years with the Mac I totally lost the touch at repairing thing as the Mac never plays tricks on me, thence I truly cannot come and fix your Windows because I lost the touch, sorry. En passant, I always add ” amazing the time that I was spending on my own PC just to keep it in a working state. Hours and hours. I do other things with that recovered time now with the Mac. I realize how much it was frustrating at the time so I really can understand you but I cannot put myself through that ordeal again. It is in the past and I am glad. I am truly sorry about your issues: I know it is a real pain. I know”

    Ahhh, fantastic feeling.

  10. “So how do I convince my die hard “We will never use fruit” windows thumping fiance and her entire family that macs are better without sounding like I’m preaching and shoving it down their throats?”

    Just follow Apple’s strategy–
    embrace (your fiance),
    and extiguish (your inlaws) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” />

    It worked for me.

    Really, though, when I was newly married my wife was wary of the Mac, but as she continued to use it she saw the light. Now there’s no way she would want a Winblows box. So don’t get into arguments, just keep using your Mac and let her use it every chance you can.

  11. Blooregard325i

    Tell them they are all a bunch of stupid idiots and you are thinking twice about associating with them.

    Just kidding….

    I would merely laugh at theior machines and say…You want me to fix that??? Bwaaahhaaahhaaaa Then go back to playing with your Mac.

    This is what I do with my PC-loving brothers who still tolerate me to this day.

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