Apple offers 750GB iMac, 3TB Mac Pro options

“Apple has sneaked in several small, but significant, announcements overnight,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“The company has confirmed it is now offering a 750GB drive as a build-to-order option [US$399] with the new 24-inch Intel iMac,” Evans reports.

Evans reports, “These large drives are also available to customers buying a Mac Pro, meaning that computer can now be acquired with a massive 3TB of storage pre-installed. The first 750GB drive – which replaces the standard drive shipped in these machines – costs [$399], while subsequent 750GB drives (which fill empty slots) cost [$599] each.”

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  1. Cmart, your studio must not be engaged in a graphics-intensive business! I recently upgraded to 3 TB (external) because my 2 TB wasn’t enough – just for me. And I’m not working as a “professional” at the moment. Fortunately, the price of external drives has continued to come down – though still not enough. Much of the space is for backing up the other spaces. I added storage, in part, to support my move to Aperture and the tens of thousands of photos I manage. That, coupled with is couple video projects uses lots of space – and I need to be sure I have a little room for expansion. Although I am still a fan of high speed SCSI, it is certainly expensive. I would recommend adding more space for the 30 people at your “studio.”

  2. Hg Wells, I’m not sure what you’re doing, but my organization, which broadcasts worldwide two 24/7 TV channels and one 24/7 radio network and produces something like 75% or more of our own programming, only recently (in the last year or two) expanded to something like 4-6 TB of storage for our master control facility (not counting non-networked storage, like the drives on individual workstations). So it does not surprise me at all that cmart is working fine with 1.5 TB of network storage.

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