Ellen DeGeneres Show gives away Microsoft Zunes, studio audience goes berserk

Looks like the Ellen DeGeneres show gave away a bunch of Microsoft Zunes (The #1 daytime show, Oprah, already did it with Apple’s iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition).

Note the lack of information about the draconian limits to Zune sharing (three times, then self-destruct – regardless of media source, ie. from a store or even a song you made yourself; all shared Zune content gets Microsoft’s 3-time-only-then-go-boom DRM), that the round thing there is a fake click wheel designed to fool people that it works like an iPod (it’s really just a four-way button), or the fact that the Zune Marketplace doesn’t even offer video content.

Note also that nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American housefrau (or overestimating their size). Ellen’s studio full of carbo-loaded soccer moms go absolutely berserk; it’s like a Saturday Night Live skit. We can only pray that those studio bleachers are severely reinforced. Man, there’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on over at Ellen! Seriously, they really ought to call it The Ellen DeGeneres Farm Hour: two normal-sized humans in front of the camera and 300 cows behind it. No wonder our health insurance rates are astro-freakin-nomical.

One word: diet. Here’s another: exercise.

Anyway, after seeing that bizarre reaction to a piece of re-branded Toshiba crap, we hope they had medics on hand for the fainters or at least passed out cigarettes after the orgasmic excitement subsided. We didn’t see any squirting, but something was certainly going on:

So, whaddya think, can Microsoft fool the ignorant masses again (in which case, Steve Jobs would nip the whole thing in the bud PDQ) or will people not be so excited once they find out Zune’s many weaknesses?

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  1. There is only one legit Zune offering on eBay at this time. it is a pre-order auction with no bids.

    There are three Zunes offered from Hong Kong with pick up delivery only. Sounds like a scam. Lots of Zune domain names for sale.

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