Sneak preview of SlingPlayer Mac

“I had a chance to catch up with Brian Jaquet of Sling Media while at the Digital Life show in New York in hopes of getting some information on the upcoming SlingPlayer for Mac OSX, and included in our video interview is actual footage of SlingPlayer Mac in action! As you’ll see, SlingPlayer Mac is indeed very real, and though missing a few features, it’s looking like the Mac community has a real treat in store for them,” Matt Whitlock writes for SLing Community.

Video, interview text, and more here.

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  1. Looks great…

    But I’m still having trouble seeing what they are taking so long “working on” to “customize things to the unique demands of Mac users”…

    Every function I saw was identical to the PC player…

    It’d sure be nice if they’d hurry up, especially since on the box of the new products they claim Apple compatibility with the logo and all.

  2. >>I’m still having trouble seeing what they are taking so long “working on” to “customize things to the unique demands of Mac users”

    Porting any software to the Mac is a non-trivial process – which explains why so many companies (like Google) appear to take so long to port applications across. The Mac has the wonderful Cocoa programming framework and uses Objective-C. Whilst this makes writing a Mac application from scratch a relatively easy process compared to developing under Windows or Linux, and automatically generates an application that is highly integrated with MacOS and its look and feel, it makes porting non-trivial. Objective-C is barely used on other platforms and Cocoa is not available at all. Therefore to achieve an application which Mac owners won’t complain is “Windows-like” requires a major re-write and employment of a Mac-only developer. It’s amazing that companies maintain a separate fork of their software Macs at all.

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