Play your Apple iPod through your home-entertainment system with the Belkin TuneStage II for iPod

The Belkin TuneStage II for iPod turns your iPod into a remote control so you can play the music from your iPod through your home stereo wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. Navigate your playlists, search for artists or individual songs, and adjust the volume—all through the iPod click wheel, from over 30 feet away. With a transmitter connected to your iPod and a receiver wired to your system, TuneStage II offers reliable, high-quality sound without the clutter of cables.

The TuneStage II Transmitter also lets you wirelessly connect your iPod to stereo headphones or car stereos equipped with stereo Bluetooth technology. The Receiver can link your MP3 phone enabled with Bluetooth technology, or computer to your home stereo2, so you can stream your library of songs throughout your house.

TuneStage II (US$149.99) will be available in late November, with launches in Asia, Europe, and Australia to follow and is compatible with the following iPods:

• iPod nano 1st generation
• iPod nano 2nd generation
• iPod mini
• iPod with click wheel
• iPod color display
• iPod with video

TuneStage II also functions as a charging dock for your iPod. A USB port is built into the receiver and the transmitter to allow charging your iPod without the need to remove the transmitter or stopping your music.

More info here.


  1. It’t not wireless charging. It has a USB connector so you can plug it in to a wall socket without having to take the trasmitter off. Seems like it doesn’t do much considering it costs as much as some of the ipods it works with.

  2. I would like this product more if it had it’s own integrated

    battery. Granted it would slightly increase it’s size, but

    it wouldn’t be sucking the iPod dry. The battery could charge

    in tandem with the iPod’s battery from the same connector.

    Belkin, are you listening (yeah, right)?

  3. DAMN IT!
    Now I have to throw away my $6 cable with the mini plug that I’ve been using. I have to admit though that imitating all the dance moves I see in the iPod commercials would be easier with a wireless transmitter attached to the iPod I have to constantly have within 2 inches of my body.

  4. Yeah I bought an iTrip that plugs into the bottom much like this thing. Be aware that once you wrap yoour iPod up in an iSkin or similar, things like this with a dock connection won’t actually plug into the iPod anymore unless you take it out of the protective case/cover everytime which i’m not prepared to do. So gadgets like this that plug into the bottom of the pod are useless to me.

    Has anyone tried the C.Crane FM Transmitter ? Apparently after a simple mod it’s pretty much the most powerfull transmitter out there.

  5. Ooo! Ooo! That looks really cool! Do ya think it’ll plug into the bottom of my new Zune? I’m gonna be one of the first to have one! I plan to wait all night outside the CompUSA behind the Pizza Hut… you know the one? On Innastate 234? Yeah, it’s gonna be sweeeet!


    …And in ’07, BROWN is gonna be the new BLACK! Fuh real!! Microsoft sez so!

  6. I’ve had my ipod connected with cable to the stereo and
    wanted to jump songs that I don’t want to hear. I really don’t enjoy getting up from the couch to do this or from the chair. I’m still hoping for a wireless way to control and play the iPod through the stereo. It would be way cool if the iPOD menu showed up on the TV and you controled it with a wireless Apple remote

    iTV SHOULD do that along with movies, my money is waiting to purchase.

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