RUMOR: Apple to take on Microsoft Office, add ‘Lasso’ spreadsheet app to iWork ‘07

“Apple will step on yet another of Microsoft’s toes early next year when the Mac maker unveils the next version of its iWork productivity suite, complete with a new spreadsheet application,” Staff reports for PC Magazine.

“Sources report that iWork ’07 will gain this new third component, code-named Lasso, which will go to bat against Microsoft Excel in the consumer and small-office space. The new application will arrive in addition to the upgraded Pages 3 and Keynote 4 programs, Apple’s current answers to Word and PowerPoint,” ThinkSecret reports. “While Lasso will lack the depth of Excel, Apple expects the software to strike a chord with the many spreadsheet users who don’t require extremely specialized functionality.”

ThinkSecret reports, “Lasso’s function editor will sport more than 200 hundred [MDN Note: we believe they mean 200, not 200,000] functions that will span a number of needs, from financial to statistical and possibly niche applications such as engineering, sources say. Lasso will also feature limited integration with the Internet, making it easy, for example, for users to create a spreadsheet that automatically downloads and inputs updated stock market information at a specified interval. Wrapping such functionality in an attractive, straightforward interface will be Lasso’s strong suit, bringing practical, advanced capabilities to the masses.”

“Lasso will not be the only iWork component for Microsoft to watch. The next upgrade to Apple’s desktop publishing software, Pages 3, is set to receive a number of improvements poised to make the application behave more like a normal word processor,” ThinkSecret reports.

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. I’ll finally be able to ditch M$ Office, it looks like! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    There’ve been rumors about a “Numbers” spreadsheet function for iWork for a while — it would make sense for people who want to bring robust charts and graphs into their Keynote productions.

  2. Look, I’m as much of a Mac fanboi as anyone here, but the only reason I’m able to use my Mac while working on Wall Street is because of the seemless compatibility of Office documents/spreadsheets that I get with OfficeMac. I’m sure iWork will be a great app, but if it’s not 100% compatible, it’s a non-starter for me (and I assume many others).

    While we want to be 100% Apple, the reality is that the business worls is 98%+ Windows (and MS Office). That’s just the way it is.

  3. Recall the recent announcement that M$ offered XML or something like that as an open standard? And that Apple backs the idea? Hmmm… I wonder why?

    Compatible for sure. Now it’ll be an issue of usability.

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