Do Apple’s latest ‘Get a Mac’ ads work?

“Apple has now made available the latest ads in the ‘Get a Mac’ promotion. The number of ads in the series now totals 15 and are iLife, Network, WSJ, Accident, Angel/Devil, Trust Mac, Out of the Box, Touché, Work vs Home, Viruses, Restarting, Better, Counselor, Better Results, and Self Pity,” Chris Howard writes for Apple Matters.

Howard writes, “The last three are the latest ones. Two out of three I thought were laugh out loud funny. That doesn’t mean they will be to everyone. Windows users might find them offensive.”

Get a Mac – “Self Pity” ad:

Get a Mac – “Better Results” ad:

Get a Mac – “Counselor” ad:

Howard writes, “But therein lies my question. Is Apple – or its advertising agency – loosing sight of the goal and just going for laughs? Do laughs sell Macs? Or is the message missed in the mirth?

Howard writes, “It’s hard to know the answer when you’re already a Mac user, but I do wonder if the jokes distract the potential switcher too much from the message. In the beginning they were good attention grabbers. Some people said they were derogatory, but hey, they still were getting attention. But how long can you run a gag before it gets stale?”

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The ads can be seen in higher quality QuickTime via here:

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  1. For heaven’s sakes…you’d think nobody had ever used a bunch of themed ads to sell a product before.

    “Is it just ‘funny’? Or will it actually work?” Welcome to Advertising 101. Why is this any different from any corporate ad campaign? I understand that the Apple user community and the Apple business community has a stake in the success of these ads, but they’re just ADS; it’s not like Apple’s invented a new method of communication or something. And this isn’t some crazy, avant-garde campaign where they only show leaves or something. It’s pretty succinct advertising. I don’t see why it’s all so puzzling to these analysts.

  2. Poor, Apple, they finally start advertising and then it’s still not good enough. Maybe someone should start a contest for homemade Mac ads and have them posted to YouTube for prizes. Then the people that take issue with Apple’s method or content can prove they can do better.
    Or at least shut up.

  3. Counselor ad: LOVE that lady’s legs! Man, I could go for some counseling just to check out her gams…

    Alas, in the real world, they aren’t nearly as attractive. Kinda like hollywood’s portayal of lesbians, you know? Always georgeous…in the movies.


  4. While I’m in the business of selling mac’s I can tell you first hand that the ad’s are working. I get many customers who come in referring to the effectiveness of the ad campaign and that they hadn’t considered a Mac before the ad’s were aired.

  5. I’m glad they finally got around to showing one where is its plainly stated that the Mac is good for business as well as arts/entertainment. The last line “Just let me lie here and depreciate” cracked me up.

  6. I don’t think these ads are ment to “sell Macs.” They are ment to raise awarness of Apple. Most people using Windows don’t chose it because they have that one app, or they enjoy the Windows experiance. They have Windows beacause “everyone has Windows.”

    Because of these ads, when people want to upgrade their computers then now know there is a choice Microsoft or Apple. That choice is what the ads are all about.

  7. I personally think that Apple has a winning model for their current campaign. People like watching ads that are entertaining and funny. I’m reminded of superbowl ads and how people don’t want to miss them now either. It’s almost as if Apple has made a sort of sitcom out of their ad theme and the ads are really just short shows. I think it’s brilliant and very effective. Then again wtf do I know?

  8. I can’t help but notice that none of Apple’s critics run a $20 Billion a year company.

    That’s probably because none have the talent to do so. Kinda like armchair quarterbacks. They always know better than the coach, but nobody is knocking their door down, with a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract in hand.

    Anybody that gives any of the critics the time of day, is wasting the time of day.

  9. 2 of the 3 are the best and most direct yet. Self pity and the iLife model. Snappy and right to the point1 we do movies so much better, 2. hey we do Microsoft Office for work, have for years.

    Counselor is funny but not to the point.

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