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“With everyone focused on the incredibly expensive acquisition of YouTube by Google, attention once again drifted away from the Apple connection to Google and what may be the big long term plan jointly being executed by both companies,” Rob Enderle writes for Digital Trends. “Microsoft’s Media Center and Intel’s Viiv initiative have fallen way short of expectations and neither Tivo nor 3rd party PVR’s have successfully filled the gap either.”

The door is currently “open to someone that can connect the dots between on-line rich content and the living room experience we seem to want, but are currently not getting,” Enderle writes. “Apple has the upcoming iTV and a demonstrated capability of making the overall user experience vastly better than we have now. The iPod not only demonstrated that Apple understands what the market wants but that, even after Apple demonstrated the solution, that most competitors still don’t get what makes the iPod a success. But Apple really doesn’t, by itself, have a good delivery or video file management system for the content already on the web. With YouTube, they get content and content management, and with Google they get access to the massive amount of dark fiber (high speed data lines that Google has purchased but which currently are not being used).”

“The resulting power of the combined entities could be enough to open up the other movie studios and accelerate the movements of the networks to provide their content libraries over this new service. Cable and DSL suppliers should not only be worried but Cisco and Microsoft as well because, should this be successful, Cisco and Microsoft’s efforts could be rendered obsolete,” Endlere writes.

A possible Apple-Google merger that “would allow Steve Jobs to finally follow Bill Gates and Scott McNealy into a more formal semi-retirement” in the full article here.
When Enderle leaves out his usual forced pro-Microsoft / anti-Apple comments, he makes for much more interesting reading. While we don’t foresee a merger or any evidence that Jobs is looking forward to retirement, it would be very interesting to see what two powerful allies such as Apple and Google could conjure up together.

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  1. …’But Apple really doesn’t, by itself, have a good delivery or video file management system for the content already on the web.’

    What does Enderle really know of Apples file management system? In the past he has proven over and over he doesn’t know shit.
    I consider Enderle articles unconditionally worthless.

  2. Well over a year ago, Dave Winer was publishing that he had it on good sources that there was an iTunes/Google collaboration in the oven. Nobody paid much attention at the time but perhaps they should have, given recent circumstances and developing inter-company relationships.

  3. I don’t see SJ retiring any time soon. I think he loves the business too much. Bill Gates was more of a software guy that was thrown into a position where he had to run his company. Jobs is a pure businessman. I think Jobs is more like Sumner Redstone, and will run his company as long as he can. Since Sumner is about 214 years old, I think SJ will be around awhile.

  4. This article from last week is significantly more insightful


    Five Ways Apple Will Change TV: 3

    Daniel Eran is true genius and he explains the whole lanscape better than anybody has.

    If anybody is interested in this topic Roughly Drafted is a MUST READ.

    Daniel is the new Neo. Heck, he is much better than Neo and what he is writing about is the real Next Wave of the Internet.

    ex-Neo fan, now Roughly Drafted fan.

    Daniel Rules.

  5. “When are people going to get it? The majority of people don’t want total convergence of the computer and the living room TV.”

    Since when is this ‘total convergence’. It isn’t. It’s adding content to the living room, not taking it over. People aren’t likely to use their TV sets for their computing, but it would be nice to bridge the content gap for video since many people are getting video content from the internet.

  6. I’ve made the point about the Apple/Google alliance having Google supply the bandwidth for Apple’s multimedia download needs. Bandwidth to the home is in a choke hold applied by the local telephone and cable companies. I expect Google to break that hold using wireless technology. They already concentrate caching servers in shipping container sized units that can be dropped off wherever needed. They just need to add wireless delivery and the ISPs can be bypassed. Google and Apple might well be planning to play this win/win game. Something has to give for downloading HDTV content to be practical. Sometime during the transition to HDTV I expect the Apple/Google plan to be launched.

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