Charles Cooper: Is Windows still relevant?

“Ask around the office. You’ll hear the Gen Xers sneer about how Microsoft’s operating system is, well, so yesterday. Even a fair number of IT graybeards are warming to the notion that the times, they are a changing,” Charles Cooper writes for CNET News.

MacDailyNews Note: Ah, Dylan. Steve Jobs would surely appreciate that reference.

“And so they are. Before closing the books on the Age of Windows, however, let’s not get too caught up in the fashion of the moment. The water-cooler crowd may take a dim view of ‘Win-doze’ for all the right reasons. Still, Microsoft’s archrivals continue to view it as a product with a potentially make-or-break impact on their businesses,” Cooper writes.

Cooper writes, “In fact, two of them–Adobe Systems and Symantec–are lobbying European regulators to get tough on Microsoft. The European Union already has an unresolved antitrust dispute with Microsoft, and Adobe and Symantec would be silly not to play that card for all it’s worth.”

Cooper explores the security leeches’ and Adobe’s PDF worries about the latest version of Winblows and concludes, “However this gets resolved, the dustup speaks volumes about the true state of Windows’ relevance. Looks like ‘yesterday’s product’ still has a few more tomorrows left.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “AshNazg” for the heads up.]

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  1. its The times they are a changin’ (no g)

    It was also Blowin’ in the wind…

    And to answer his critics calling him for droppin’ his g’s he called John Wesley Hardin, John Wesley Harding (with g!)

    Details are important.
    Dylan knew that.
    Apple knows that.

  2. “love it or hate, it’s still 90+% of the user experience. the question seems stupid and pointless.”

    sometimes i wonder why BMW is even in business. what’s the point? they’ll never catch up to the honda civic.

  3. GM used to be the dominate force in US auto sales with over 50% market share. Now they are one of many struggling to stay afloat. Nobody would have dreamed in 1960 more cars would be produced in Ottowa than in Michigan (2004-) or that Toyota and Honda would have such a huge percentage of the US & World market.

    Microsoft may have billions and 90% of the market today but maintaining that is likely harder than getting there.

  4. MS has got to go – they must go. I am so sick of this techno-communism I could hurl vast amounts of seething putrification. We can argue about which side constitutes a better computing experience, who the fanatics are, who’s serious about meeting the demands of business and who’s not, but its all just crap. MS rules, like it or not, and something has got to change.

    I hear winds-of-change-like talk on this site frequently, but the overall numbers are not moving fast. Don’t get me wrong, its not Apple’s fault, its all about the consumers. What will it take to get consumer, enterprise and home, to make a sudden about face? Will it be VISTA? No doubt it will drive some to change, but will it change many? What will it take?

    Consumers get screwed right and left, year after year, yet keep flocking to the store to buy yet another HP or Dell or whatever. Business IT pros dogmatically refrain from even wanting to know what other solutions are out there that are not based on MS technology – its crazy, but its got to change. What will it take?

    I believe MS has single handedly all but suffocated the realm of personal computing, and in a way and at a scale never before seen in the history of the world. Somehow, I can’t quite put my finger on it, its got something to do with the way all of this got started back in the middle 80’s. Right away the whole of pc technology, hardware and software, became quickly embroiled in this huge philosophical game comprised mostly of philosophical grand-standing, and that mostly on the part of Apple and Apple users.

    As enterprise began to quickly implement, in practice, the idea of using pc technology in the workplace (enterprise was already primed and ready to go for this new technology, which basically grew from the desktop calculator), the developers of this technology began to see possibilities for getting non-enterprise to embrace the technology, if for no other reason, as an interesting novelty or hobby.

    Anyway, early on everybody took philosophical sides and so began a product loyalty feudalism not seen in a very long time, and it continues to this day. I guess its ok to subscribe to the philosophy of a product, but for Apple I think it has been a bullet in the foot, not fatal, but a two decades long set back none-the-less. As Apple has begun to level the playing field with its Intel based products that also easily and natively run Windows, the enterprise consumer as well as the general consumer seem to be warming up to the idea of not using Windows. Maybe its because there’s not so much percieved pressure to subscribe to a philosophy while buying a computer.

    Of course, its not like MS doesn’t have a philosophy, its just that their’s, perhaps, is not one that would help their sales.

    I sense that the more we de-philosophize the Mac platform, the more free potential first-time buyers feel to explore something new.

  5. interesting how zero mention of Apple in the above MDN story. didn’t bother to read the link but i’m sure it’s not mentioned there either. pathetic how Apple is always totally discounted.

  6. Unfortunatly dear fellows…

    …corporations around the world will stick to Microsoft crapola forever.

    Do you want a example?

    Mac’s have over 85% of the creative market and Apple nearly died, but artists continue to use them and stuck stubbornly to what they knew. Despite Adobe writing Apple off and even recommending the creative industry switch to PC’s.

    So imagine if it was so hard to kill off Apple’s loyal following, how hard would it be to kill off Microsoft’s in the much larger buisness world?

    Microsoft and Windows is relevant and will continue to be so unless Bill Gates just forces the world to Mac OS X.

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