The Motley Fool: ‘Intel to Dell: you guys stink’

“Right about now, Dell has to be wondering: ‘Intel was it something we said?’ If Dell actually gives voice to the question, though, I expect Intel would confide, ‘Nah. It was something you did — building boring computers. But it’s not just you. Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, and Lenovo pretty much bore users to tears, too,’;” Rich Smith writes for The Motley Fool.

“Recognizing that the EBA (‘Everybody But Apple’) computer makers have gotten stuck in a decades-long rut of churning out plain beige, or occasionally grey, boxes as their primary form of desktop computing power, Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced a new contest on Tuesday. Intel will pay some lucky computer-maker $1 million to design a desktop computer with a modicum more style than the floor protectors sitting under our desks,” Smith writes. “As a computer user, I can only hope Intel gets some good bites with its offer. As Apple has proven time and time again, there’s no reason on earth why a PC must resemble a big tin box. Style and performance need not be mutually exclusive properties. In short, we EBA users have suffered under the Beige Regime for far too long, and it’s time for a change.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What exactly about “Macs can run Mac OS X and WIndows natively” doesn’t Mr. Smith understand? We’re just wondering why he hasn’t already gotten himself a Mac, if he really wants the best designed Intel-powered personal computer, that’s all. He is right about one thing: for most of the world, “it’s time for a change.”

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  1. “I know that design is not a priority with these morons, but I think we have seen their best.”

    That’s so true. Ever taken a gander at the so-called ‘custom’ cases supply places? PC box makers’ idea of ‘design’ is ‘how many blue lights can I put on it?’. I swear, their catalogs look like low-rider night on the strip.

    I have never seen a PC box I’d be proud to put on my desk, or on my floor, for that matter.

    (And, hey, fix the spelling on the headline, MDN.)

  2. Chris is right on. Who would want to buy a great looking computer for more that didn’t work that well. You know when you buy a mac it’s going to work even at the cheapest level of the mini (which still looks good).

  3. HP Computer Design Studio: A proud industrial designer displays his latest prototype. The 2007 HP Pavilion EXTr3me. A cherry red tower with flame stickers, rear fins, dual chrome exhaust, fuzzy dingle balls and blue undertower neon effects. For $200 more you can get the tricked out chrome keyboard and mouse. And of course, it’s Vista ready.

  4. MDN, give it up already. The industry as a whole needs to up their standard, and Intel is providing the motivation. This has nothing to do with Macs, other than them setting the standard. Just think, now that Apple “might” have some competition on the design front, it can only push for even better design for Macs.. now sure how, though.


    The Wintel treachery is in full swing!!

    1: Microsoft copies Mac OS X with Vista, makes it secure and reliable.

    2: Intel encourages PC makes to make sexy computers.

    They aim to finish Apple once and for all!!!

    Because what else does Mac’s have over PC’s but looks and security?

    If PC makers make cool looking computers and Vista is secure and reliable, then why buy a hardware/OS monopoly machine when you just buy a OS monopoly and ANY hardware you want?

    There is a reason why Apple came out with “Boot Camp”, they are hedging their bets and make it easy to jump to Vista.

  6. Once, I saw a PC that was not beige or off-white, it was black and had some chrome plastic accents.

    And there were some secret doors on the front that opened to reveal some ports and external storage bays, wow, very cool stuff, like James Bond…….

    And now for something completely different, Phil Schiller was passing by a couple of minutes ago and said he’d like to have his way with the red-bikini Funjet girl

  7. Jonathon Ive is only the start. You need engineers to be able to build what he designs, software engineers to ensure it all works and a production team to be able to get the factories to build millions of reliable copies of them. Plus a good feedback system to fix problems all the way back to Jono. This is rare and certainly not cheap.

    Would a corporate buy this when he can get a clone for $200 cheaper? Definitely not. Repairs and ROI are not his problem, but the help desk.

  8. Red Raw aka MacDude ?

    Hyundais look really snazzy nowadays, almost like some type of Lexus, BUT, anybody with a Lexus would laugh at you for even making the comparison. Unsavvy consumers who think a nice looking PC with Vista is similar to a Mac, probably don’t deserve a Mac in the first place. People know where they belong in a life, and the few who want better, will buy a Mac, not the rest of the sheep. Macs will never be for the majority, neither will PHds, ivy league universities, or ferraris.

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