iPod cases, attachments for new Apple iPod nano begin shipping

GizMac Accessories, designer and manufacturer of innovative “Gizmos for your Lifestyle,” starts shipment of their Titan Gear for the new Apple second generation iPod Nano.

GizMac Accessories continues their Titan product line motto of “’Cause Everyone Wears Their iPod Differently” with the release of Titan Gear for the new Apple Nano iPod. The included carabiner clip, armband, belt clip
with 360-degree rotation and lanyard accessories provide a wide range of ways to wear and show off the anodized aluminum Apple iPod Nano.

Titan Gear goes even one step further with the number of ways the 2nd generation Nano iPod can be worn. With the ability to easily change whether the top or the bottom of the aluminum iPod Nano faces upward or downward, the Titan Gear attachments provide unmatched flexibility for carrying Apple’s newest iPod Nano.

“Apple developed colorful and strong aluminum bodies for the second generation Nano,” says Tim Cave, LOAHS of GizMac Accessories, in the press release, “so GizMac engineered a way to use our special attachments to securely and fashionably carry the new Nano several different ways while showing it off at the same time.”

Titan Gear Nano iPod case attachments are modular, they provide the ability to easily upgrade and customize the Titan Gear for a more personalized look. Additional Titan Gear accessories will be introduced in the near future; details will be available at that time.

The Titan Gear has a retail price of $24.99 and they are available now for the new iPod Nano. To receive further details and to order Titan Gear, visit the GizMac Accessories web site at http://www.GizMac.com


  1. from Reuters concerning Zune______The world’s largest software maker faces an uphill climb in trying to topple the market-dominating iPod after conceding a five-year head start to Apple’s media player_______

    5 years??? What bullshit…I know what they mean…MSoft just introducing it’s own branded hardware and store ..or marketplace but Microsoft has been competing furiously -and losing their ass- with Apples iPod and iTunes for a long, long while, now.

    You know, if it’s not Fester then it’s Allchin. If not Allchin then it’s Ballmer. If not Ballmer then Gates. These guys are so constantly spinning reality it’s now, I think, become a bareass embarassment to the entire PC community. It’s f*ckin delusional.

    MS has become the Enron of vaporware…..the Woldcom of bullshit and the Bloat Corps of software

  2. Microsoft is a failed bit. The ONLY way that Microsoft becomes a dominate player in the mp3 player market is if Apple starts f’ing up big time. Just like Sony has been doing lately in the video game biz that they dominated for 10 years before f’ing up.

  3. What we need is a good armband case for the Nano and the Nike+ adapter… Nike’s armband sucks because the nano screen is completely covered with black nylon.. As far as I know, no other company makes an armband that will also fit with the Nike+ attachment while keeping the nano’s scrreen visible.. What were they thinking?

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