Apple releases iTunes 7.0.1

Apple today released iTunes 7.0.1 which addresses stability and performance issues with Cover Flow, CD importing, iPod syncing, and more.

With iTunes 7 and the new iTunes Store, preview and purchase high-quality hit movies plus new and classic games designed exclusively for the Fifth Generation iPod. Flip through your collection by album cover with Cover Flow, protect your iTunes library by backing up to CDs or DVDs, and much more.

iTunes 7.0.1 is available via Software Update for Mac OS X.

The update is also available as a standalone installer.

More info and standalone download link (25MB) here.

Or download either the Mac OS X or Windows version here:

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  1. HA!!

    I’m on iTunes 6.x and loving it, stupid TV shows and movies, who needs all that hard drive clogging sh&t anyway?

    I use the ORIGINAL Coverflow on my second 23″ ADC, the cd covers are larger than life!!

    People drool, Volume Logic works and I’m not bitching over all the changes.

    Life is good and iTunes 7 sucks ass. Flame away fcktwads, amen and praise? jobs. I don’t think so.

    iTunes 7 bloat, fix the bugs, fix the bugs, fix the bugs. STOP THE BLOAT!!! Little Mac’s are suffering.

    Steve Ballmer is a sweaty monkeyboy.

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