Analyst Wu maintains ‘buy’ rating on Apple, foresees pullback near-term

“Senior analyst Shaw Wu of American Technology Research today removed Apple from the firm’s Focus List due to increased hype over Apple’s expected cellular handset. ‘While we remain long-term positive, we believe Apple shares may reflect too much near-term cell phone optimism,’ wrote Wu,” MacNN reports.

MacNN reports, Wu wrote, “‘We would not be surprised to see a near-term pullback and would be aggressive buyers at lower levels (low-$70s, high-$60s).'”

“The firm maintains its ‘Buy’ rating on Apple shares with a $91 price target,” MacNN reports.

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  1. Wait ’til the idiots see the Macbook and othe Mac sales figures that are taking place at the moment. Then they’ll realise there was NO hype built into the price for the iPhone…

    ..and of course they mustn’t overdo

    …iPod sales

    …and later build in hype for

    …iTV sales…

    …and movie sales…

    ..and new fullscreen video iPod sales…

    Yep time those shares scaled back a bit.


  2. yeah really i am starting to see analysts for what they are…shamman/witchdoctors/freaks/prophets or all of the above. No one can predict what the finicky market will do. to presume you can is just b*llsh*t. and to tell others about it is nothing less than manipulation.

  3. I tried to tell Shaw in a dream NOT to mess with my Apple Computer stock. And now he goes and open’s his big mouth. I thought I made it too big…

    Look, God has to retire too…I have a lot of money invested in my company. Shaw will suffer for his insubordination.

    Trust God for sound financial advice.

    MW: control. (how fitting)

  4. When Apple gets a lot of press their stock goes up and starts to overheat, then it cools off a little. It’s a cycle and nothing for AAPL investors to fret over. Overall, it’s up a bunch in the last 90 days. Not surprising a few business investors are grabbing some profit, it’s what they do for a living. Shaw has brilliantly stated the obvious but his words don’t control buying. People buy when they think a stock is going up, they sell when they think it’s going down. Gee I should be an analyst, yea right. Who’d want a job description that contains the word “anal”.

  5. I actually am surprised tha tthe stock is as high ass it is considering:

    The movie store is limited to Disney and 75 movies

    No spectacular changes in iPods designs except the shuffle.

    No Phone

    No lights

    No motor car, not a single luxury.

    Consider how skitish the market can be, Apple stock is strong right now, even with the investigation going on.

  6. I think he may be right. The stock has jumped the past few days with talk of the iPhone and it could be due for just a little corrction. I’ll take some profit now, wait a couple weeks and buy back in before it jumps in anticipation of the quarterly report.

    If it goes down to $70 I’ll buy back in right away.

    MDN Word = Through, as in through the roof.

  7. i bought more call options… but yea this dude should shut up and let the market decide for itself. watch for another analyst to reverse his statement…

    he stated the obvious, but his motives are obvious too.

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