Video of Counter-Strike: Source running smoothly under CrossOver Mac

“We’ve written a number of times about CodeWeavers’ CrossOver Mac, a WINE-based system that allows certain Windows applications to run under Mac OS X for Intel (at great speed) by way of native DLLs,” Mac On Intel reports.

MacDailyNews Note: Running Windows apps without needing the Windows OS, for those unfamiliar with CrossOver Mac.

“CodeWeavers offers a 60-day free beta of the application, making it easy take for folks to get a feel for its performance. Those that haven’t given it a try may find a recently posted YouTube video interesting (and perhaps even surprising),” Mac On Intel reports.

“User ‘FragTek’ posted a video of Valve’s Counter-Strike: Source, a Windows first-person shooter, running under CrossOver Mac beta on a MacBook Pro from within Mac OS X. Have a look…”

Full article here.

FragTek’s video of CrossOver Mac running Counter-Strike: Source in OS X via YouTube:

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  1. OK, I understand that he is running OS X and playing a PC game.

    My question is that if you are able to run Microsoft programs like Word with out running Windows, do you have the problems with viruses?

    Does anyone have a simplified feed back vs this area?


  2. Douchebag should have run the game at least once so all of his server connections were set and decals loaded before turning on his video camera. I stopped watching after two minutes when it still hadn’t launched.

  3. CrossOver Mac not just good for games. I have successfully installed and run my licensed copy of Sybase Data Architect (one of the top data modeling tools ever) under CrossOver. No problems, takes longer to load than under windows but executes about the same and now saves me polluting my MacBook Pro with Window$ just so I can use the best app for my work.


  4. i wouldnt have thought even if crossover run a windows virus it would do much damage to osx, it would have clear windows instructions, all osx files are in different places etc, also, it would still need admin password.

  5. Question #1: Will Microsoft move to squelch this by adding new APIs to Vista that won’t work under CrossOver (until the developers do the intense reverse-engineering work necessary to add them)?

    Question #2: If Microsoft does this, will developers play along? Or will they stick to baseline Windows APIs, knowing that practice increases the number of users that can run their products?

  6. Ok this is only the 2ND, AND I SAY 2ND game i’ve seen run under crossover. I’ve tried multiple times to get Battlefield 2 to run with no luck. It installs perfectly but when i try to launch it I get a ‘No Cd’ error. Come on codeweavers, fix these problems. You’ll see many more gamers wanting to switch to mac if they can get this thing to work for 90% of pc games. Boot Camps fun, BUT I DON’T WANNA REBOOT MA!! Anyone seen/have been able to get battlefield 2 installed AND running under crossover mac??

  7. Code Weavers CrossOver Office is a commercialized version of DarWINE, the open source Mac version of WINE. It is primarily for business and professional users that wish to run the full Windows Office Suite and other apps on OS X. It is a great value for the money.

    By having a commercial version of WINE with tech support and indemnification, you can more easily sell using a Mac in a Windows centric business. The Office:Mac suite does not include Outlook, Access and other apps that are critical to many businesses.

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