Apple Support docs address some iTunes 7 issues

“Apple has begun publishing tech support documents to address some reported bugs in iTunes 7,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“The release of the software generated the usual wave of fault reports, mainly (but not exclusively) from Windows users of the application. These reports seem to have been picked up by an Apple-fixated media,” Evans reports. “Apple’s discussion boards seem to host multiple complaints, with some Mac users reporting that the software seems a little less stable than before.”

Evans reports, “The company has begun addressing some issues within its published technical support notes. Some reported faults or missing features may reflect interface changes, Music Videos, for example, are no longer grouped with Movies, though iTunes 7 automatically creates a Smart Playlist to collect them, which is available in the Playlists pane.”

Evans has rounded up a nice list of Apple’s recently published iTunes 7 advisories in his full article here.
For those who’ve asked – thanks for asking – we use Intel-powered Macs exclusively to run iTunes 7 (70) on Mac OS X 10.4.7 (8J2135a) and have encountered no issues with the application. If you are having issues, we hope the new support docs address them. We hear an iTunes 7 update is coming soon.

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  1. I’ve installed it on 3 macs and 2 XP machines with no issues as well, although, there obviously are some conflicts with something out there, I just can’t seem to generate any with my windows or Mac boxes.

  2. I’ve had two probles with iTunes 7 on a Mac. The album art doesn’t always find everything. AND Coverflow is slow when flipping through art on my MAC PRO Dual 3.0 Dual Core with 256MB graphics.

    I hope those are resolved soon.

  3. CoverFlow needs more work, it’s good, really good, but just needs a bit more tweaking.

    I’m sure Apple are onto it. After all, iTunes is IMO the most important app for OS X at the moment, there’s no way they’d let it become a turkey.

  4. No real problems with iTunes 7, G5 tower and G4 Laptop. But, when grouping multiple tracks then control clicking to clear artwork it won’t clear. I have to got to each track, clear the art, and then it will download new art for me.

  5. The trouble with IT7 is that you cannot play music with 6.0.5 over your local network.

    I have an old g3 and use it in the living room to listen to my music which is on my G4.

    As soon I installed it7 it stoped streaming.

    I removed iT7 from the G4 and re-installed iT6 and every thing is back to normal.


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