JVC debuts four new audio products ‘Made for iPod’

A new line of JVC home and portable audio products offers easy integration of Apple iPod digital audio players. The new line includes a pair of stylish compact desktop systems and two portable units, including a sleek AC/DC boombox with an iPod dock.

JVC’s new Made for iPod product line includes the NX-PS1, an ultra-compact desktop system with a matching subwoofer; the UX-EP25, a CD micro system; the RA-P10, a low-profile boombox for home or portable use with a full complement of clock radio functions; and the RC-EZ38 CD boombox.

The new JVC NX-PS1 is a desktop audio system for playing back music files from portable players. It includes three diminutive cubes – a center unit and two matching speakers, each measuring about four inches all around. There’s also a powered subwoofer – a nine-inch cube with a six-inch (16cm) driver. It features an iPod connection that offers iPod charging and control of play, stop, skip and volume. It also features USB Host, allowing playback of files from many flash audio players or flash memory drives. In addition, it offers JVC’s USB Audio function for direct connection to a personal computer (Windows or Mac) for playback of music files through the NX-PS1. Power output is 10 watts per channel for the main system, while a 30-watt amplifier powers the subwoofer.

Other features include an auxiliary input for connecting other playback devices, clock/timer, wake-up volume, electronic bass and treble controls, headphone jack and four preset equalization settings. The main unit is white with a black display area, while the speakers are white with black grills. The matching subwoofer is black on all four sides with a white base and cap. An iPod stand and a remote control are included.

Another JVC Made for iPod micro system is the UX-EP25, a low-profile CD system with two speakers that offers an iPod connection with charging and control of play, stop, skip and volume, plus USB Host and USB Audio. About the size of a small laptop computer, the UX-EP25 stands just a few inches tall, is white with a black aluminum-finish top and comes with matching black and white speakers driven by a 7.5 watts-per-channel amplifier. In addition to the CD player, it includes an AM/FM tuner and an auxiliary input for connecting other playback devices. There’s also a headphone jack, clock, a sleep timer with wake volume and a remote control.

For those searching for a portable iPod-playing replacement for the ubiquitous clock radio, JVC offers its new RA-P10. This sleek, low-profile unit has an iPod dock, FM tuner and built-in stereo speakers powered by a four-watts-per-channel amplifier. It can be AC or battery powered (six AA batteries) and includes a blue backlit display, alarm clock, room thermometer, auxiliary input and a remote control. The RA-P10 is white, measures just over one foot long, stands less than three inches tall and weighs 1.6 lbs. (without batteries).

For a new twist on the CD boombox, JVC offers the new RC-EZ38, a CD/cassette boombox with USB Host, allowing playback of MP3s from flash memory digital audio players or other USB devices, such as flash memory drives, hard drives or card readers. With music file playback, both the track title and ID3 tag are displayed. Other features include an digital AM/FM tuner, a clock/timer, headphone jack and remote control.

Availability and pricing for JVC’s new Made for iPod line:

Model: Available – Price
NX-PS1: September – $249.95
UX-EP25: September – $199.95
RA-P10: October – $129.95
RC-EZ38: Immediately – $99.95

More info: http://www.jvc.com/main.jsp


  1. Is the RC-EZ38 boombox really made for the iPod? It sounds like the USB port just allows mounted media with a directory of MP3 files. So the iPod could mount in disk mode, but only play the music files that are on that partition, not the music in the library of the iPod itself…which would be lame.

    Why can’t someone make a regular mid-cost boombox with an iPod dock?

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