Agenda Setters poll of tech’s 50 most influential individuals 2005 recap: Apple CEO Steve Jobs

“As the countdown begins to’s seventh annual Agenda Setters poll of tech’s 50 most influential individuals, it is time to look back at those who held top 10 positions in 2005. Today we catch up with last year’s number 2, Steve Jobs,” writes.

“In 2005 Steve Jobs made yet another appearance in the Agenda Setters top 50 and you’d have to be slightly silly to bet against him making the top 10 comfortably once again. He is, after all, Steve Jobs – the black polo-neck wearing beloved head of Apple, the company taken to represent tech’s cool face,” writes.

MacDailyNews Note: Polo-neck, mock turtleneck, button-down, whatever. continues, “Such is the Jobs legend that if he were to announce an Apple-branded egg cup, column inches would follow as surely as night follows day.”

“The company has been leading the way by showing how to roll with the corporate punches, taking a number of public relations knocks – a battery recall, scratch-prone Nano screens, an investigation into the treatment of workers at iPod manufacturing plants, a stock options probe – and yet Jobs and co have come out of it with their Teflon-like image seemingly unstained,” writes.

“If the rumour mill is to be believed – and the Apple spoiler sites are right more often than wrong – the Mac maker could be returning to its winning form within the next 18 months or so. Recently, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer gave the most concrete hint yet that the company is working on the iPhone proper and speculation is giving credence to the arrival of the first touch screen, ‘real’ video iPod and a full-on movie service, all of which promise to give a jump-start to languishing industries in the same way the iPod breathed life into the music download market,” writes. “If Apple gets that right, don’t expect Jobs to shift from the Agenda Setters top 10 for some years to come.”

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MacDailyNews Note:’s Agenda Setters panel, made up of CIOs, analysts, VCs, consultants, lawyers, academics and other experts, convenes in September with the results revealed at the end of the month. If you want to pass on your comments for’s experts – about Steve Jobs or any other contender – drop them an email at

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  1. There’s going to be an Apple-branded egg cup?
    YES ! ! ! Forget the iPhone. I’ll shell out for an egg cup with Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, and a widescreen display that you can flip over easy. And the picture better not be scrambled.

    And congrats, MDN on the 11,000! Impressive.

  2. Sorry, I just don’t see it. Not without a successful model to replace the physical DVD paradigm.

    I think Microsoft is laying low and cooking up some amazing stuff. They’re going to blast Apple with Zune when they sell them all a t aloss to grab market share, and their Media Center approach has finally had enough time to mature into a solid contender.

    Coupled with Vista and the features it has for multimedia, I predict Jobs won’t even be considered for such a poll two years from now.

  3. Bortlin…

    the last 5 years of software and hardware release from the two companies would disagree with your assessment of the future.

    Denial ain’t just a river in egypt bro.

    MDN word is “could”… as in bortlin’s predictions are right and monkeys could… (insert Ampar impersonation here)

  4. Hey, Jim — do you think you could use an older joke in your lame attempt to ridicule other posters in an anonymous forum?

    Stick to voting independent and throwing your vote away, douchebag.

    You must be a blonde.

  5. Bortlin,

    You’re entitled to your opinions, but let me tell you that if Microsoft had ANYTHING ‘amazing’ in their plans they would have told the whole world about it 50 times over.

    Microsoft is far to busy reaping the rewards of its appallingly bad software designs..trying to do the impossible and make it secure.

    But you did make me laugh out loud, so thanks.

    Oh, and Jim, good on you for being as respectful to this poster as you were!

  6. Macaday: You give Mac users a bad name, sanctioning derogatory and unilluminating posts first directed at legitimate opinions. And then when they defend themselves you have the gall to attack them.

    You\’re about as bright as a bag of socks.

  7. Why are you on the ‘puter again? You dint finish ya triganomametry homework. An’ eat da spinach while they’s fresh. I gots them on sale from da corner market. Never seen fresh ‘pinach in baggies so damn cheap. An’ stop callin’ folks “douchebags”. You knows I love that sheet and it’s disrespectful to me to say these things. Now stop sucking playin’ witcha self and git some homework done. I be missin’ my blonde-dye appointment.

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