Nike+iPod Sport Kit runners log over 1 million miles in 10 weeks

Over 1 million miles — equivalent to circling the world more than 40 times — have been logged by Nike+ runners in just 10 weeks since Nike and Apple launched retail sales of the Nike+iPod Sport Kit.

Almost 8,000 people logged runs yesterday on — including an almost eight-mile run in New York, two and a half miles in Boston, five miles in Boulder, two miles in Miami, six miles in Nashville, four miles in Phoenix, three miles in Seattle and two miles in Peoria. Top times so far: 27 minutes and 43 seconds for a 10k run, and 13 minutes, 47 seconds for a 5k. The farthest total distance: more than 600 miles.

“ is fast becoming the world’s biggest online running community,” said Trevor Edwards, Nike’s chief marketing officer, in the press release. “Nike+ is a new running experience, a new way to train, a new way to connect with other runners, and a new way to bring music and sport together like never before. A million miles in 10 weeks is just the beginning. We’re looking forward to the billionth mile.”

Announced in May by Nike and Apple at a global media event in New York, the Nike+iPod Sport Kit is a wireless system that allows Nike+ enabled footwear to talk with your iPod nano, connecting you to the ultimate personal running and workout experience. Data on time, distance, calories burned and pace is stored on your nano and is easily downloaded through iTunes to, a personal service site where runners can track their own progress and challenge other runners.

Nike is continuing to expand Nike+ product offerings, add functionality on and create original sport music content in the Nike Sport Music section of the iTunes Store. In October, Nike+ also is launching in more markets in Europe, including France, Spain, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands, as well as Japan and Australia.

Nike currently offers 12 styles of Nike+ enabled footwear, with more to come. New functionality on will include a route finder so runners can easily map and share their favorite running routes. Nike+ original sport music workout content has proven extremely popular. “Drive: Nike+ Original Run” by The Crystal Method, which was introduced with the launch of Nike+, quickly became one of the top electronic downloads at the iTunes Store.

Visit the Nike Sport Music section of the iTunes Store for original workout content, popular sport mixes, podcasts and athlete inspirations from Lance Armstrong, Paul Rodriguez, Lindsay Davenport, Ronaldo, Paula Radcliffe, Freddy Adu, Landon Donovan, Steve Nash and Vince Carter.

More information about the US$29 Nike+iPod Sport Kit can be found here.

Lance Armstrong and the Nike+iPod Sport Kit:

How Nike+iPod works video:

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  1. “Over 1 million miles — equivalent to circling the world more than 40 times — have been logged by Nike+ runners in just 10 weeks. . . .”

    So what? When ad flacks and politicians toss out numbers like that, it’s time to dig out the bullshit grinder. It’s the equivalent of the “person-years” crapola. “This project means 150 person years of employment! trumpets the politico. WTF?

    How come no paragraph saying: “All those people who didn’t wear Nikes walked the distance to the moon and back! In one day!”

    Of course if the flack said that, he’d lose the next 40 person years of employment.

  2. Hey – knock it off you fat lazy bastards ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    I typically run 20 miles a week and the sport kit has made it a lot easier to track my performance.

    Nike didn’t say how many Nike+ shoes they have sold. Those shoes were not right for me so I’m using my trusty Adidas instead.

  3. This is a way to interact with iPods that I would not have expected. But I expect there will be more accessories like the Nike kit that expand the iPod’s capabilities and makes it into a “platform” (or hub) for a wearable computer. The elegance of Apple’s strategy is that it’s getting everyone to wear one as a music player. When the new accessories arrive, the platform is already in place on millions of bodies.

  4. The top flick celebrates lawlessness and danger! It’s teaching our children that is’s OK to flout the law and safety by running with the direction of the traffic, instead of against it! You can’t tell me that thing was made in the U.K. or Japan.

    Think of the children who will never run around the world — “and experience a new way to bring music and sport together,” unlike the old way of dragging a Victrola behind you with a rope — thanks to that ad.

    It’s so tragic.

  5. Hey, any word on if/when there might be one of these beasties for us cyclists out there? I’d love to have something as cool as this product for my bike rides…. My cycling computer is OK, but it would be great to have it tied into my iPod, plus the ease of d/ling the data to some central website would be most welcome.

    TIA Apple and whomever!

  6. I wish the Nike site would allow walkers to separate from runners. I use the Nike+iPod Sport Kit to log my walks; and its fantastic, but I can’t compare any of that to other walkers. I know, I’m closing in on 90 miles since I got the system—I also don’t use Nike shoes, my Timberland walking/climbing shoes had a nice little pouch for me to seal the sport kit in—and it would just be great to see if I’m doing less than or more than other walkers.

    But for now, I’ve really just been setting up lots of challenges for myself since comparisons aren’t available.

  7. One million miles. That’s like running to the moon and back again, then realizing you left something on the moon, so you run there and back again, again!

    But only Forest Gump would be crazy enough to log that many miles.


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