Cisco exec: Windows Vista is scary, many businesses are nervous

“Bob Gleichauf, the chief technology officer in Cisco Systems’ security technology group, has raised concerns that integrating Vista into a complex IT infrastructure could present problems,” Tom Espiner reports for CNET News.

“‘Parts of Vista scare me,’ Gleichauf said at the Gartner Security Summit here on Monday. ‘Anything with that level of systems complexity will have new threats, as well as bringing new solutions. It’s always a struggle in security, trying to build for what you don’t know,'” Espiner reports.

“Gleichauf told CNET’s sister site ZDNet UK that Cisco views the Microsoft operating system update, set for broad release in January, as a bearer of possible solutions to security problems, but also as a potential trigger of security issues. ‘Vista will solve a lot of problems. But for every action, there’s a reaction and unforeseen side-effects and mutations. Networks can become more brittle unintentionally,’ Gleichauf said,” Espiner reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Windows PigLipstick scary? Nah. Derivative garbage, sure. But, “scary” is Ballmer approaching a buffet line and finding a bunch of chairs in his way.

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  1. I doubt anyone would be very scared of Leopard – since after all if they use OS X in a business situation they already know what to expect. Leopard isn’t that different a release. they might have felt the same type of apprehension when switching from OS 9 to OS X. But with every upgrade (downgrade depending on how you look at it) of windows, its a huge mess and even more so with vista.

  2. “Vista will solve a lot of problems. But for every action, there’s a reaction and unforeseen side-effects and mutations. Networks can become more brittle unintentionally,”

    Mmmm..mutations, side affects, consequences. Isn’t that what Windows is?

    The only people left who love Windows are those whose jobs depend on it..even though they are stresssed out of their minds with it.

    Vista makes Mac OSX look greater with every article published!

  3. hairbo stated exactly what I was thinking. This Cisco guy is simply expressing some vague apprehension. He has no specific complaint. Vista is new and complex… that’s his complaint. He could easily make this statement about ANY new OS released. Actually, it seems a bit irresponsible to me.

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