Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi second only to Bose in revenue share

Jon Fortt blogs for Business 2.0, “Ever since Apple released the iPod Hi-Fi speaker system at the end of February, I’ve been wondering: Will music lovers dish out $349 for an iPod accessory?”

“I called Steve Baker at NPD Group, that master of all retail store data, and he gave me these numbers: The Hi-Fi isn’t about to rule the iPod speaker category, since its 7.8% market share puts it in fourth place behind Bose, Logitech and i-Fusion,” Fortt reports.

“But the Hi-Fi does have this going for it: It’s second only to Bose in revenue share, with 14.5%. Together, Bose and Apple are pulling in half the money consumers are spending on iPod speakers,” Fortt reports. “Not bad.”

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More about Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi here.

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  1. It’s really important, whenver market share numbers are bandied about (iPod, iTMS, OS X, Apple etc.) to think of revenue share as a more important measure, and to think of profitability as more important still.

    GM and Ford have declining but still impressive market share…they purchase it at the expense of revenue share and profits with short-term incentives. Neither company is healthy.

    Apple is growing profitably. Vonnage, TiVo and Skype are growing unprofitably. There are many other examples.

  2. Yeah, $349 isn’t for everyone…but if you are looking at the upper end of the iPod speaker market, the Hi Fi litterally “rocks”.

    I listened to a Bose and HiFi in an Apple store. I fully expected to walk out with the Bose, but after a listen, the choice was clear (and I don’t pretend to be an audiophile with super-human hearing).

    Bottom line: My wife and I love the HiFi…even at the $349 price.

  3. regardless of how many I sell, if I make more money I make more money… this is pointing out that apple’s hi-fi makes the 2nd largest amount of money on iPod speakers. which is more important… selling more product or making more money

  4. Are they talking about iPod “specific” speakers? I would assume so.

    I’m sure quite a bit of money is being spent on speakers/amps etc that are non iPod specific to be used with the iPod.

    I personally just spent $1000 on Sinclair speakers and a small Yamaha amp.

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