CNET Reporters’ Roundtable Podcast: Steve Jobs’ next move

“The unstated message behind Apple’s recent product blitz was a blunt signal to its consumer electronics rivals: Apple wants a bigger piece of the living room business. But will Apple’s fall technology lineup give Steve Jobs the weapons he needs to best the big boys of the consumer electronics field? Apple’s CEO wowed the crowd but now he’s got to wow a group of consumers other than the Mac faithful,” CNET writes.

Join CNET’s Tom Meritt, James Kim, Charlie Cooper, and Tom Krazit for this week’s edition of the CNET Reporter’s Roundtable here.

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  1. It just dawned on me– could the iTV be a diversion or hoax? I know it sounds implausible, but like they did with the iPod mini/nano switcheroo, they lead the market in one direction, then turned a sharp corner.

    Dare to dream.

  2. Sorry, but a diversion would be highly implausible as well as financially irresponsible given the public showing that Jobs gave. You don’t play games like that with your shareholders.

    I think iTV is just the first step in a far broader strategy. Just like Apple convinced car companies to offer iPod connectivity in their cars, the ultimate goal of iTV will be to try to get it integrated into TV sets. Both strategies free the user from being dependent on inelegant add-on devices.

    That is, if iTV sells by the millions then I think you will see some manufacturers begin to license the connection technology from Apple, knowing that there is a big demand out there.

  3. Something to think about.

    I make one purchase of a digital song or movie. I can have that same file play on my computer, play on my portable device, play on my TV set and play in my car. All made easy to do with what Apple has rolled out.

    Even though you could do the same thing with a CD or DVD, it is not as easy or cool. And with time and technology it will become even easier. This is the reason that starting today I will go all digital (with backups of my HD of course. Which cost the same as a decent storage shelf for CD’s and DVD’s).

    iTV and a decent car video adapter for my iPod is all I need now. My kids will enjoy watching movie while we drive.

    Think about it. One digital file, so many places…Thanks Apple.

  4. I use my g5 ipod video to play movies in the car for the kids now….linked thru the dvd player rca aux plugs in front.
    yeah, I could put in a dvd, but when you have a whole season of cartoons or videos they like in your hand, it’s easier to just let that play then switch disks every 30 minutes.

  5. Zune in Traffic!

    Imagine sitting stranded in the throes of interminable traffic, your Zune beeping to share what the other furious drivers are playing.

    I hope Apple adds such fiunctionalitty, if only checking “now and then” for musical interlopers, charlatans, and spooks.

    It could be witchy.

  6. I’ve contemplated the diversion tactic – not so much a diversion, but underestimation. Showing only some features would parallel Apple only showing some of Leopard. Steve clearly thinks it’s important to keep wraps on the best of Apple’s ideas.

    I have a feeling there is much more to “iTV” than most suspect and I don’t think withholding features is misleading shareholders.

    Apple is very competitive right now. They dropped a bomb on Microsoft by dropping the price on the iPod. I see a subscription service and higher quality in both audio and video on the horizon.

  7. So, I get the movies, the music, the pictures, all wireless. Now, how can I make this all work with games? There has got to be a way to incorporate some killer gameplay. Also, can it send info as well as receive? Can I send the signal to my DVD recorder?

  8. Mac4Lfe I could not agree more. You are right, all you need is those 2 units and your home pc and you have everything you need anywhere you want it.

    We all know wireless ipod is on its way. itv is already wireless as a given. And you can already stream music from your itunes library to any pc inyour house.

    And you are right agian, the key is that hard drives now are so cheap it is really lke buying a shelf for your dvd’s, so backup is just part of the program and itunes just made it easier to back up, just go to Frys and see, 60 bucks ofr a 120 drive, 100 for a 300
    AND the next mac OS as we all know makes back up SO much easier.

  9. @Gameman –

    So interesting – how about you stream games wirelessly through iTV, having your mac do all the heavy processor lifting, while you play games on the big screen with wireless wii sticks? The only hardware you’d have to keep in the living room would be wireless controllers. Nifty.

  10. NewType may have it right about Apple trying to prove the concept with iTV so that TV manufacturers can build it into their TVs and pay Apple for licensing.

    I thought Apple might want to sell their own TVs, but unlike the portable media player market where Apple has 75% of the U.S. market, it would be tough to get a significant portion of the TV market. But if the iTV concept became popular, every TV manufacturer may want to include it to not be left out. So Apple would get a piece of every high-end TV sold without competing with the TV manufacturer. And every TV customer would want a Mac for the home to take full advantage of their TV.

  11. I hate this talk of Mac faithful. listen a**hole, iPod holds 75% of US music player market. The MAc faithful is barely 5% of computer pop.

    Who are these other 70% consumers.Windows users w/ipods.

    I’m too tired to think if that makes sense.

  12. “iPod holds 75% of US music player market. The Mac faithful is barely 5% of computer pop.”

    If only you knew how many people DO NOT associate the iPod with Apple Computer, it would blow your mind. Unfortunately, most people who use iPods don’t even give switching to Mac OS a single thought.

    What Apple has to do to be successful with iTV is take the iPod brand (not the Apple brand) and translate it into something suburban moms and dads (not just their kids) love just as much. Best of luck to them.

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