Apple to show ‘It’s Showtime’ special event via QuickTime

Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs deliver a special announcement from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. See the video-on-demand event exclusively in QuickTime and MPEG-4.

Other live coverage here:


  1. I’m in Afghanistan and the don’t have the bandwidth.

    I will just have to wait and read what is coming along as Steve chats with you all.

    Got my 17″ PB with me, she is a bit old but never misses a beat. The envy of all my work mates. All locked into the PC shambles.

    Go Apple Go.

  2. Well the Quicktime broadcast is showing me nothing but a big ‘Q’ and a line of bubbles along the bottom.

    The Engadget pictures are good and I like the iTV due out Q1 2007.

    Ho hum for live pictures with sound….

    MW: ‘mans’ as in Le Mans 24 hour race meaning it’d be 24 hours before I’ll get to hook into the broadcast. I hope Steve doesn’t mind repeating himself live over and over for over 24 hours!

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