Laying odds on potential Steve Jobs’ Apple ‘Showtime’ event announcements

“Apple’s having another one of its famous, Steve Jobs-hosted events in San Francisco on September 12, with the event slogan (“It’s Showtime”) drawing extreme attention. What’s up Apple’s sleeve this time? Here’s what the smart money is betting on,” Christopher Null writes for Yahoo! Tech.

Null’s odds:
• iTunes Gets Movie Downloads – odds 1:5
• Apple Set-Top Box – odds 2:1
• Apple ‘iPhone’ – odds 15:1
• Cube 2.0 – odds 40:1
• Something Lame – odds 5:1

Null writes, “Don’t forget that it’s almost certain that Apple will announce more than one of these things, in addition to the usual stuff like iTunes software updates (“Now you can turn volume up and down!”) and various upgrades to old hardware. A 24-inch iMac has already been announced, as well.”

Full article, with details for the five products mentioned above, here.

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  1. iTunes Movies with Cars & Pirates: DMC available now.
    New 6G iPod
    Set top box
    Airport Express A/V
    Airport Extreme A/V
    New iSight with Front Row built in/install (Mac Pro, Power Mac and Mac Mini G4)
    New Displays with built in iSight & Front Row

    MDN word “know”

  2. 1. Airport Express A/V (because the Mac is going to remain the digital hub).

    2. A personal robot ASSistant: the face of Reality Check, the personality of Sputnik, the charisma of Pete Peterson, and the brain of a troll. It’ll call all your friends with its 14.4 Kb modem and berate them for answering.

    3. Nano. Because I need to lose weight and lack motivation unless my music tells me how far I’ve run.

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