Report: Apple to sell only Disney Studios’ films initially

When Apple Computer Inc. begins selling Hollywood films online this week via its iTunes Store, Disney Studios’ films (classics for $9.99, new releases for $14.99 – in comparison to Amazon’s Unbox, which offers films at costs ranging from $8 to $20) will be the only films offered initially according to a report in Daily Variety, UPI reports.

“Daily Variety said Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs’ unwillingness to price the downloadable videos as high as movie studios would have liked ultimately resulted in Disney being the only studio signed on to offer its wares on iTunes beginning Tuesday,” UPI reports.

Daily Variety reported that if the Apple-Disney feature film partnership proves profitable other major studios likely will follow in Disney’s footsteps.

Full article here.

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  1. Better, maybe. At first, though, it just needs to be more popular. This could be a case where they leverage the iPod. But, since Apple is used to doing things better, they will have an ace up their sleeve. What they have gotten good at is deciding WHEN to play their cards.

  2. I’m guessing that the movie store will focus around the ipod. They want to sell more ipods and make more money. You downlod the movies to the ipod. You can watch them on our ipod or dock it and watch them on the tv. Maybe the ipod will have frontrow built and come with a remote. The ipod will be the living room device.

  3. Goliath: Unbox is DRM’d up the wazoo and the studios like that. They still fantasize that a system like that can work.

    This is following the pattern of the TV store. Didn’t it just start with one network? When show sales exploded, everyone else jumped on board.

  4. >Disney backed the historically revisionist ‘Path to 9/11’ on ABC television. Don’t buy their junk, from Apple’s iTunes Music Store or anywhere else.>

    You seem to forget Tergenev, that ABC, CBS, NBC, are all stooges of the left. Even they had to show SOME of the crap that went on during the Clintonistas reign. The left wing loonies tried to censor (and did) a lot of the dem debacles. What about the 1st amendment now?

    Bush is best during this third world war.. That’ll stir ’em up.

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