Analyst: Apple could hit 1M milestone for quarterly notebook shipments

One Wall Street analyst is now modeling for Apple Computer to reach the one million notebook sales milestone in the three-month period ending September, according to a report from AppleInsider’s Prince McLean.

“In a research note released earlier on Monday, Credit Suisse analyst Robert Semple increased his quarterly shipment estimate for Apple’s 13-inch MacBook consumer notebooks to 775,000 units for the September quarter. ‘Our channel checks indicate overall MacBook shipments are tracking at approximately 200,000 ahead of our initial estimate of 580,000,’ he wrote after returning from a trip the the Far East — the region where all of Apple’s notebook models are manufactured,” McLean reports.

McLean reports, “In addition to the 775,00 MacBook models, the analyst is also expecting sales of approximately 250,000 MacBook Pro professional notebooks, bringing his combined Apple notebook estimate to 1,025,000 units for the September quarter and 2,908,000 for the 2006 fiscal year… According to data released by market research firm NPD, the Mac maker’s share of US notebook market doubled between the months of January and June to 12 percent. The sharp uptick in demand has reportedly sent the company shopping for a third manufacturing partner to help it churn out more systems ahead of the holiday shopping season.”

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  1. I shudder to think what state we Mac users would be in had Steve Jobs not made the jump to Intel when he did. Imagine what the situation would have been like if all Apple had to hawk were PowerBooks and iBooks with sub-2 GHz single-core G4 chips in them.

    If this report is true, it’s only because Steve Jobs had the guts and foresight to see PowerPC was a HMS Titanic, and he managed to abandon it for the QE II. Thankfully, he also managed to bring all us Mac users along for the ride.

  2. Actually, i think it was RMS Titanic, since it carried mail.

    Despite these wonderful numbers,…

    WHERE THE HELL ARE THE NEW MACBOOK PROs? 9 months later and counting.

    Why is this sooo important?? I don’t want Rev A bugs (been there, done that… several times. It’s too annoying.)

  3. Why? Because the next sigificant upgrade for laptops is a quad core.

    You thought the dual cores were hot enough to fry a egg in a hour, try 15 minutes with a quad core, Kentsfield.

    Apple bought some time with the Intel switch, but that’s all.

    You haven’t lived until you used a PowerMac G5 or Mac Pro with a 30″ display and a fast RAID 0 boot drive.

    Absolutely everything else Apple produces is crap in comparison.

    Get a desktop, forget laptops.

  4. Jobs has been hedging his bets for a long time. That’s why the mac is the better platform.

    Can you imagine what M$ could have achieved with some foresight. Poor wee things!

    Several years ago I rejoiced when Apple started shipping a million macs total in a quarter. Having them do this with notebooks alone will be superb.

    Next up will be 10 M macs a year.

  5. Has anyone else noticed that even though Apple has grown into a helluva’ big company in the last few years, the nay-sayers still use the old tired arguments against it? The Mac is this…and that. No one wants it. Real IT guys only wear lace panties. Horse and buggies rule. Toilet paper is for the weak-minded.

    Yes, grandma… eat your cat food.


    I have been trying to resist writing this. I have been a big Apple Mac supporter for years.

    But I am really beginning to hate my new one.

    They changed the mains plug, and they put a new chip in, which is supposed to be 4 times faster ….. so I went for it …

    But I’m beginning to realy HATE my MacBook Pro.

    The new mains adaptor is almost twice as big, and twice as heavy as the old one … but still gets twice as hot. That’s not great for the portablility of the system.

    But the computer itself is a much bigger disappointment.

    The first thing I noticed was that the BATTERIES are now almost twice as big as the previous ones … and corrrespondingly heavier. Carrying a spare battery and and a mains charger now breaks your back. Damn.

    Then I noticed that all the backgrounds to my folders came up wrong as soon as I changed over to this model …. these are all coded by me, and built up over the last few years. The MacBookPro is incapable of returning the right colours …. and, worse than this …. if you try to redefine the colours, it will give you a different colour next time you open the folder. You cannot get the machine to guarantee you a colour. Utterly Dumb. This fault has wasted hours of my time …. I went through a whole system of trying to replace the folder backgrounds I use most often with JPEGS of uniform colour. But the computer them wastes loads of your precious time showing you the coloured beach ball of death while it tries to open these JPEGS before it can open your folder. Rubbish!

    My old model (G4) was intelligent enough to deal decently with the battery running down. It gave me a warning … then, when the power was low enough it closed itslef down to a sleeping position and when the charger was inserted it sprang back to life. The new one is completely unhelpful. Usually I get no warning of the low battery (and because the new mains plug pulls out easily it often happens that the thing runs down before you realise) – it just suddenly DIES. Then – no matter how quick I am …. the whole thing needs to be restarted …. it has forgotten everything I was working on …. and wastes loads of my time while I watch it reload and try to find my saved work. No brain … no stability …. totally unhelpful and unforgiving.

    The faster chip at present really gives NO discernible increase in processing speed …even in copying large numbers of files, or processing the large images I am used to …. not impressive.

    And the WORST THING? the HEAT !! The AWFUL HEAT ….

    The damn heat … As I type this the left hand part of the computer is burning my hand. It’s like trying to sit over an electric bar fire. It’s utter misery. I run the thing on a special well-ventilated stand, with a pharmaceutical cold pack underneath. It STILL burns my thighs … and makes me break out in a sweat after about 20 minutes. This really sucks. I no longer get any pleasure from working on my images in Photoshop. The heat is unbearable. And yes, I DO have all the energy-saving options turned on. It does not help. This machine is really driving me out into the world looking for something better. So what are your PC’s like to operate, guys ? Looks like you may have a convert soon.

    I just want someone from Apple to come over and make the thing do what it is supposed to do without boiling my body.

    Does anybody care ?


    Laptops are doomed

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