RUMOR: Apple to debut 23-inch iMac Core 2 Duo on September 12th

Apple Store“Reliable sources have informed MacOSXRumors that Apple is planning to introduce a 23-inch iMac on the first day of AppleExpo during a special event that will take place in San Fransisco and will be streamed to London,” Alexandros Roussos reports for MacOSXRumors.

Roussos reports, “The iMac will have an across-the-line upgrade to Intel’s just released Core 2 Duo processor, sources claimed.”

Full article here.

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  1. “I’d rather see an $899.00 mini-tower.”

    True, a tower for the rest of us….upgradeable, unlike the iMac and of course we would be free to choose a screen that would fit our needs.
    The product gab between the Mac Pro and the iMac is…painful.

  2. I think we ALL would prefer to see a mini tower, but you see steve needs to push the new ipod, and itunes movie service, so what beter to do that with than a new TV… yes you heard me, this will be marketed as a TV; complete with coax inputs..

  3. Eric,

    Just because the processor is socketed does not mean you will be able to upgrade. You cannot drop in the Xeon, so why do you assume you will be able to drop in the Core Duo 3(or what ever it is called)

  4. Well, you all may want your mini-towers, but this is exactly what I have been waiting for. I will use it for work for 3 years or so, then pass it down to the family for another 2+. I don’t need expansion I can’t get without FireWire/USB, and the screen being attached is just fine, as it has been with my previous iMacs, iMac2s (lamp), and eMac. In fact, I like the lack of clutter with a built-in screen — less wires and the PC-part stays up on the desk, hidden in the LCD frame.

  5. Most of MDN readers want a minitower. However, talk is free, and I wouldn’t bet the farm on anything that gets repeated here as though it were “the way things should be”. For all you or I know, it’s the same guy posting at different blood sugar levels. I mean, Thorin really could be Ampar, or Tom Cruise, or Pete, or me.

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