NewerTech ships MAXPower G4 single and dual processor upgrades for Apple PowerMac G4

NewerTech has begun shipment on a new MAXPower line of Single and Dual Processor Upgrades for the PowerMac G4, with prices starting at $399.

MAXPower pricing is:
• Single G4/2.0GHz – $399
• Dual G4/1.6GHz – $449
• Dual G4/1.7GHz – $529
• Dual G4/1.8GHz – $599

NewerTech MAXPower G4 7447 Processor Upgrades are compatible with PowerMac G4 Graphics (Sawtooth), Gigabit, Ethernet, Digital Audio, and Quicksilver models. Upgrades are compatible with all existing hardware and software on 7447 CPUs running Mac OS 9.2.2, Mac OS X 10.3.5 or later.

NewerTech MAXPower Processor Upgrade design incorporates FreeScale (formerly Motorola) PowerPC G4 processors and is capable of doubling or tripling Power Macintosh performance, increasing universal software compatibility, and allowing use of applications that require a high-speed processor above factory stock speed.

Plug-and-Play design allows speedy connection. Engineered to provide maximum efficiency performance.

More info here.


  1. Anybody know where I can pick up a processor upgrade for the FW800 1Ghz PowerMac..

    I can’t find a compatible processor that will work with it!

    Grrrr! It will be a stop gap while I wait for Photoshop before jumping the bones of an unsuspecting Quad Mac Pro

  2. Yes, lets upgrade our 7 yearold computers with expensive and obsolete processors!!

    Unless you have a particular piece of hardware (ie: PCI card) that will only work in one of these old computers, why waste your time and money? And you still have huge bottlenecks due to slower RAM, etc.

  3. My son has a QS box with lots of RAM and a couple of hard drives. He could go with the $449 option (2X1.6) or go with a single processor mini he’d need to upgrade with more memory.

    The ‘big’ mini would need $300 worth of extra memory – bringing the cost to $1,099 – to beat the QS with the $449 upgrade. OK, maybe – MAYBE – he could get by with and extra $100 worth of RAM … still, $899 vs $449? He’s on a budget, being recently married and all, and the choice is something like this or dealing with what he has. This would quadruple his processing power. It would be faster – in some situations – than a single-processor G5 or MacIntel and it would give him a couple more years of use out of his current set-up.

  4. My poor old MDD with dual 867mhz G4 is still not upgradeable. Looks like I have no choice but to buy a Mac Pro. Woe is me.

    Although I do see the MDD being reborn as a server. The old dog has 4 HDs with a full 1TB of storage.

  5. Montex,

    I have the 1 Ghz MDD and can’t get any processor upgrade love. Looks Mac Pro for me down the line and turn this puppy into a server…

    Question though… how do I hook it up over Airport. Cause that’s slow as shitznit trying to copy file over it with my laptop. Any faster solutions out there?

  6. The only way this would work well is if you added additional cooling to the case. Otherwise, you ARE asking for kernel panics. With that in mind, though, you could double the speed of some of the machines out there and it does make a difference. I remember the speed boost I got going from a single CPU to a double. You won’t feel the bottlenecks of RAM or video, so please stop spreading that junk around. So for what you get, $449 for the dual 1.8 Ghz CPUs ain’t bad.

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