The Seattle Times: Apple Macbook is best computer for school

Apple Store“In years past, I’d suppress my inner Mac booster and point out that you should weigh the school’s operating system suggestions (which typically means Microsoft Windows) in your deliberations, and I’d note in fairness that a Windows laptop can be better suited for some people,” Jeff Carlson writes for The Seattle Times.

“Boy, am I glad I don’t have to do that anymore,” Carlson writes. “Get a MacBook.”

“If your school requires you to use some Windows-only software, you can simply launch Parallels and run Windows within a separate window in your Mac OS X environment, or restart the machine from Windows using Boot Camp,” Carlson reports.

Carlson reports, “To me, of course, the most compelling argument for taking a Mac to school is the enormous headache you’ll avoid by not having to worry about viruses or spyware. This Windows plague is still not an issue under Mac OS X, a point that I think many virus-weary Windows users have a hard time believing.”

“The only choice you might have to make is whether to buy a MacBook or the better-performing MacBook Pro. Although the processor speeds are fairly close (1.83 GHz or 2.0 GHz for the MacBook vs. 2.0 GHz or 2.16 GHz for the MacBook Pro), the aluminum-encased pro offers larger screen sizes and better graphics processing. Other niceties include a backlit keyboard (great for taking notes in dark lecture halls), audio-in and -out ports, and an ExpressCard slot; devices for the latter are just starting to appear, such as memory card readers or FireWire 800 adapters,” Carlson reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. “never underestimate the level of stupidity in the world…”

    That’s the message on a huge sign in the Microsoft boardroom. Every meeting begins with the board members reading that aloud in unison. Then, the members roll around on the floor giggling and tickling each other for about an hour. Some of them just take a quick nap. There’s probably a video of this on YouTube.

  2. Had to buy a macbook immediately last week, so couldn’t wait for the up grade. It’s great right now. It’s extremely quiet, which surprised me after reading reports of lots of fan noise. Plus I got a 30 gig ipod for $100.

  3. What surprises me is no one has mentioned that this is the Seattle Times saying this. Redmond, the home of Microsoft, is just up the road.

    “And the first one now will later be last, for the Times… they are a-changin’ “

    MW: It’s morning in Seattle again…

  4. I don’t care if the majority of Windows users continue to use Windows on Macs, they are only funding development of my favorite OS. Then again, some of the folks will dump Windows for OS X, fine with me, too. I hope that Apple can meet the demand for its hardware.

  5. Ampar; my MBP 1.8mghz does a bit under 3 hours, that’s using Airport the entire time.

    When I start with a full battery the remaing time states 3 hours 35 minutes remaing with Airport on. With Airport off, it tells me there is 4 hours 45 minutes remaing. It does come down pretty fast to 3 hours 20 though!

  6. I just read the article in the actual paper-based paper. It should be noted that there is another bigger article on the same page that pits back-to-school laptops together (hp dv2000, gateway nx260, dell e1405, thinkpad z61t, toshiba m105-s3064(!)). The Macbook won on price, speed (everyday tasks), builtin camera, software bundle, weight, battery life, size. The only thing it lost on was pcmcia and a bad phone call to support. The verdict was clear- MACBOOK! It’s in the freakin seattle paper!

  7. LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son

    So you “submitted this with a better headline”? Hmmm… I wonder where I’ve seen that one before?

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    “I work for Microsoft, so I’m getting a kick out of these replies…”


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