Apple Retail Stores can build-to-order customized Mac Pros on site

Apple Store“Yesterday I received a call that Apple Store UTC [University Towne Centre, San Diego] had demo units on the floor and I should come check them out. As any deserving person does to test the power of a system, I rebooted the thing. The system was up and running in under 10 seconds from a dark screen. Yeah,” Todd Baur reports for The Apple Blog.

“Then I proceeded to open every application using the classic select all – command ‘o’ method. This unit had 23 applications open in 1:14s. Apps like Photoshop, Final Cut, DVD Studio, the entire iLife suite, and all the normal suspects. 3GB of RAM certainly helps this,” Baur reports.

Baur reports, “Here’s the best part I was told. The stores have the full capability to perform build-to-order Mac Pro’s in house. That means if you want three hard drives, you can get three hard drives. Want 16GB of RAM – Fantastic. There is no need to order online and wait for shipping. Of course, the store has to have the parts on hand. Other than that, they can build the system however you like.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “The Other Steve” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Dell’s inventory-free retail stores selling mail-order OS-limited PCs are going to do really well, huh?

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  1. Smart! Apple will do well with having the ability to create custom configurations in-house. When someone is spending that kinda cash they want service now — not having to wait even a few days. This will make Dell’s delivery model look even more out of date.

  2. This is pretty logical: except for the cost of having to have the parts in stock, the fact that it’s so easy to add all this stuff means that the consumer could add the parts (from third party vendors) later–so why shouldn’t Apple reap the money from selling the added parts?

  3. I think Apple is getting back to the old way of selling, one that worked for thousands of years. Making something in the store worked really well for smaller companies and stores. Only recently has the emergence of the assembly line taken the creating process out of the store. I appreciate that a large company like Apple can emulate a small, flexible company. People have gotten sick of large complanies with centralized bureaucracy and will reward companies that can emulate the feel of small companies.

  4. This really is irresponsible reporting. I called 4 different stores to see about getting things configured and they all said the same thing.

    No, no, no, and gues what the last one is, no.

    The stores all said the same thing. They are able to ADD ram to the stock configuration but ANY other customization would needed to be done ONLINE.

    Now I understand the whole a blogger is not a journalist thing.

  5. “The stores have the full capability to perform build-to-order Mac Pro’s in house.”

    Agree with JEG. “well, we could add the RAM, but it would cost you $X more than if you ordered it”
    Blech. This is good new, though.

  6. I’ve been in the new Dallas Dell store. Its about 50 feet from an Apple store. There is no comparison. The Dell store is like a kiosk. The help wasn’t very good. Several of the demonstration products didn’t work and there wan’t a price tag in sight. Apple has Dell beat hands down in the store area. Other areas as well, but the store was a joke.

  7. Contrary:

    Wow, talk about irresponsible. What are the odds of FOUR different stores giving you the wrong information? (assuming you did ask specifically about the Mac Pro). Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

    Fact is, yes, said blogger is correct.

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