Boston Herald review gives Levi’s iPod-enabled RedWire DLX jeans 3 out of 4 stars

“Poised to be one of the runaway fashion trends of the back-to-school season, the Levi’s iPod-enabled jeans due to hit stores next month are expensive trailblazers in the world of wearable technology,” Tom Rose reports for The Boston Herald.

“Sporting a white joystick control masquerading as a watch pocket and a customizable docking cradle tucked away in a side pocket, the RedWire DLX jeans are roomy, comfortable pants sure to delight countless iPod owners willing to spend $250 on pants,” Rose reports.

“The RedWire system has five components: a dock, a connector, the RedWire conductive ribbon, the joystick and earbuds. Interestingly, the RedWire is red for the women’s jeans, however the ribbon for the men’s jeans we tested was blue. The jeans come with six interchangeable docking cradles for the various iPod models. We tested with the 4th generation iPod, the iPod video (5G) and the nano and found the docks to be perfect fits,” Rose reports. “A connector snaps into the cradle, allowing for the transfer of data from the iPod’s 30-pin connection to the RedWire ribbon. The ribbon threads through a hole in the back of the iPod side pocket up to the joystick.”

“The square headphone compartment has a clip that fits into a slot in the jeans above the joystick. The unit features retractable earbuds and a retractable audio jack. Two buttons on the side of the compartment whip the wires back into storage,” Rose reports.

“In order to wash the jeans, the RedWire system — and the iPod — must be removed. Taking the system out is not a problem. The joystick patch easily unsnaps and once the ribbon is unhooked from its connection to the docking cradle, the ribbon can be gently pulled up through the pocket system,” Rose reports. “Getting the ribbon back in place is another story. There’s an inch-long enclosed path that it is supposed to thread through in its behind-the-scenes route from the watch pocket to the iPod storage pocket. If you’ve ever tried to put a drawstring back into a pair of sweatpants — that task is easier than getting the ribbon through the short, narrow passage.”

Full article here.
Sigh. Not bad for a first run, we guess, but we can only hope and pray that iPod-enabled jeans are someday perfected. wink

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  1. When Levis makes Zune-enabled drawers and BMW announces iRiver docking in its cars, that’s when the iPod will be dead.

    mw-“industry” as in “Who makes the digital music player tha has spawned industry after industry?”

  2. Interior: School classroom.
    Student is standing up in the back and squirming with his hand busy in his jeans pocket.
    Teacher: “Justin! What are you doing?”
    Justin: “I’m trying to navigate to the Stones.”
    Teacher: “Is that what kids are calling that these days? Well, leave your Stones alone and sit down!”

    MW: soon

  3. 1. ScottEVest holds patents on wearable technology. But can they take on the behemoth Levi’s?

    2. I’m from Gold Country, CA – the birthplace of Levi’s (Auburn.) We had a ranch hand who literally wore his jeans until they would stand up on their own (he only bathed in the river or in the rain.) Then he would get a new pair of jeans. Is he the target market for these?

  4. Hey kids! Don’t forget to accessorize! If you want to look really cool in school this fall, you’ll want dangle ” rel=”nofollow”>these from a belt loop so you can strut down the hall in style! Woofer sold separately.

  5. In other news, Johnson & Johnson announced the iPod-enabled “iUD”, an intrauterine sound explosion that also serves as protection during your most intimate moments… Always be ready when the time is right – and keep your playlists in the most secure location possible!

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