EMI in pact to preload music videos on Microsoft’s Zune

“EMI Group, the world’s third-largest music company, said on Thursday it had signed a deal to provide preloaded music videos on Microsoft Corp.’s soon-to-launch Zune digital media player,” Yinka Adegoke reports for Reuters.

“The London-based company said the deal would see artists, including American actor Jared Leto’s alternative rock band 30 Seconds To Mars and English electro-pop band Hot Chip, featured on the player when it goes to market later this year,” Adegoke reports.

Adegoke reports, “The news dispels speculation in media reports this month that Microsoft would have to delay the introduction of Zune’s video capability until after its launch, which is expected to be in time for the year-end holiday season.”

Adegoke reports, “Sources at record labels, who have seen the new player, say its wireless capability and a feature that allows some sharing of music between users are what differentiates Zune from Apple Computer Inc.’s market-leading iPod.”

“EMI said it believes its artists’ videos will be preloaded alongside those from other record companies, but declined to discuss the device in detail,” Adegoke reports. “Universal Music, owned by France’s Vivendi, said it is in discussions with Microsoft on Zune but would not give any details. Warner Music Group Corp. and SonyBMG Music could not be immediately reached for comment.”

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Zzzune… Yawn. Zune: Apple cannot lose. Microsoft cannot win.

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  1. Who the hell cares about pre-loaded music that the customer may or may not like? It’s nonsense to think that is a selling point when musical taste is unique to the individual so they’re going to put what they want onto their player. Zune’s got to do better than Jared Leto’s band if they want to sell more than 3 players (actually, only 1 player because the other two would go to Gates and Ballmer)

  2. From the same people that encouraged the development of 140,000 copies of malicious software to infect your PC, Microsoft now pre-installs music videos that you never wanted in your digital jukebox. More shit sandwiches for free! Enjoy what Microsoft feeds you, suckers, just use a breath mint before you enter my personal space.

  3. You’re thinking a little too narrowly.

    Pre-loading “popular” stuff is indeed a daft idea, but pre-loading something in general is not.

    I absolutely wish Apple had preloaded something onto my iPod when I bought it. Why? Because I was halfway around the world from my Mac when I bought it!

    Someone once suggested loading promo videos of other Apple products, or maybe U2’s Bono promoting one of his causes (potentially a bad idea due to politiccs, but you get the idea). As for audio, a free audiobook sample would’ve been nice. Maybe a selection of free, non-news podcasts would’ve done the trick for both audio and video. Movie trailers. SOMETHING would’ve been nice to show it off to friends and relatives in the week before I came home.

    The recent and temporary ban of electronics on flights from the UK notwithstanding, ever see those overpriced discmans in airport terminals? You can play stuff on them immediately if you bring along or buy some CDs too. AFAIK the other MP3 players sold there are like iPods–empty when bought. By pre-loading something onto a Zune, even if it’s drek, potentially makes it a bigger draw for those foolish enough to buy themselves such electronics at an airport.

    My bottom line: don’t bother pre-loading music or video from the major studios, which would drive up the price of the iPod; but by God pre-load SOMETHING onto them, even if it’s deleted after connecting to iTunes for the first time.

  4. First the record co.’s feared Napster (the real one), then they feared M$ (with their DRM) and now they fear Apple (with their marketshare), so they will snuggle up to M$.

    Bottom line: the record co.’s are the walking dead. Technology and attitudes have rendered them useless.

    Rock on Steve!

    MDN magic word: years How many until RHCP sells direct to fans?

  5. mossman:

    Self-promoting ads and other propaganda are intrusive enough without having to delete this crap from my iPod and restore cleanliness and serenity to my digital world. If I had to delete any file from my iPod, it never was much use to begin with nor had any value. However, if all this obnoxious hogwash was contained in one easily erased and unopened folder, and reduced the cost of the iPod by 20% I might reconsider my position.

  6. Sharing music will be a huge marketing effort, though I suspect it will have little real impact.

    Still, Microsoft wil be able to differentiate their product and push it towards the myspace kiddies as something they should want to have…

    …plus xBox 360 integration will have an impact. Folks already are turning their game machines into media centers and with the xBox as the hub to purchase music which is transmitted to the xune… this could go somewhere. Of course, not before MSFT lowers the price of wifi adapter for the xBox 360

  7. Methinks Apple cannot pre-load music onto iPods due to their agreement with Apple records not to sell music. I suppose they could claim they are giving away the music but I am sure they would be back in court.

  8. Methinks Apple cannot pre-load music onto iPods due to their agreement with Apple records not to sell music.


    Huh? Apple is selling 3 million songs a day at the iTMS. As far as I know songs are considered music.

  9. “…the deal would see artists, including American actor Jared Leto’s alternative rock band 30 Seconds To Mars and English electro-pop band Hot Chip, featured on the player…”

    That should secure the coveted “giggling 11-year-old girl” demographic.

    I think I’ll enjoy the coming obscurity of this particular product most of all.

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