Nearly 20 more ‘Get a Mac’ TV spots ready to roll

“Justin Long has about an hour and a half before he has to drive from Santa Monica to Burbank to shoot some footage for the website of his upcoming movie “Accepted.” And though the hip and trendy Urth Caffé on Main Street does have awesome soup, and he is very into soup, the line is prohibitively long so he suggests Mani’s Bakery, which is just a few doors down, as an alternative,” Mary McNamara reports for The Los Angeles Times.

McNamara reports, “There he does indeed order the soup, some of which he actually eats while discussing the events that led to him having a half-dozen films in various stages of postproduction while, even as we speak, his pop icon status grows with every ‘Get a Mac’ TV spot released by Apple. ‘If I had been egotistical about the movies, I have been brought back to earth,’ he says. ‘Nine out of 10 people who recognize me recognize me from the commercials.'”

McNamara reports, “Long was previously best known for his role in the TV series ‘Ed’… but now… he is fending off computer geeks who either find his Mac guy righteous or maddening. ‘I had a guy come up to me, in my face, saying, ‘You think you’re so cool? You’re not cool’ and I’m saying to him, ‘Dude, it’s a commercial.” There have been seven spots so far with Long playing the slacker-hip Mac guy to John Hodgman’s nerdy PC guy and there are almost 20 more in the can, guaranteeing that what is currently the hottest campaign on TV can last as long as the heat does.”

Full article here.

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  1. I think it’s funny that people have trouble understanding that the actors represent computers, not computer users. They take it personally that their pc is dull.

    Too funny.

  2. This is why the commercials are so effective. It keeps the heat up. The day Apple commercials start looking like stuff from Dell, HP, or Microsoft is the day Apple will slide into obscurity.

    I mean, how effect was the lame “G5 blowing you through the house” ad? Does anyone outside the Mac inner circle even remember that?

    The point of advertising is to be noticed, and Apple is achieving that very well with the current ads. That a few people’s veins are popping just shows that a few people have inner issues they need to deal with, but Apple shouldn’t be tailoring commercials to them in the first place anyway (like what ad would ever convince a vein-popping Windows fanboy to buy a Mac?)

  3. R, during the initial run of GILLIGAN’S ISLAND there were people who did not understand it was all fictional — actually wrote to the Coast Guard wondering what could be done about those poor people. Dain bramage.

  4. ugly white computers belong in a hospital or a kool-aid lab not a real place.

    no tv ad works if it makes people feel bad for using the compatition.

    to really be good ads they should make non-machedz feel good not bad.

    reminding them of things that arent so great about windows is just a big slap in the face.

    os x isnt perfect either, look at the bad-color plastic apple had to replace when the macbooks were new.

    let people know that it doesnt matter, pcs and macs they are all the same, cuz thats the truth, and that way maybe somebody will drink the kool-aid and pay extra for a mac pro.

    all you smug mac-hedz with your no viruses, i have 10 gams for everyone u have, except i cant buy that many.

  5. “During the initial run of GILLIGAN’S ISLAND there were people who did not understand it was all fictional — actually wrote to the Coast Guard wondering what could be done about those poor people. Dain bramage.”

    Well, that actually clears up how Bush got elected, doesn’t it?!

    My problem is that I am too honest to take advantage of these people, otherwise I’d be a millionaire by now.

  6. “i have 10 gams for everyone u have, except i cant buy that many.”

    I assume you meant games. Funny comment. I love games, and yes, there are far more for the PC than the Mac. However, there are more for the Mac than I have time to play, so honestly, what difference does it make?

    Regardless, if you buy a new Mac, you can install Windows and play any game you want so the point is moot (or as Joey would say, moo).

  7. AG-

    can you post the url to that ad, please.
    I was just thinking about how we all (well, some of us) used to complain about lack of advertising to depict features and such (yes I know there are good reasons NOT to do that).

    but w/ the advent of, et al, why not anyone here just make movies and post ’em.

    (Featuring Expose, fast user switching, iLife, etc.)

    Yes, I know, not for IT people, but so what?

    Booting Mac & PC sisde by side?
    Opening mail containing virus?

    What else?
    ideas, please.

  8. 7up

    My favorite part of your tard-mumbling is the part where you say OS X is not perfect and then make fun of the discoloration of the MacBook saga.

    Since when is discoloration a result of a less than stellar (or whatever your problem is with it) OS?

    Maybe it is different for PC users.

  9. 7Up was probably one of those who harangued Justin Long, along with ‘homophobe’ Ron and some of the other Windell zombies who mistake maintaining a computer with doing something useful with a computer.

    Maybe playing with Imagination not included™ PCs for the last 25 years (apparently it’s the 25th anniversary of IBM’s original 5150 PC tomorrow) means that you can make the logical leap between reality and fantasy.

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