Is Steve Jobs sick?

“I’m not going to beat around the bush here. Many of us are thinking the same thing. Nobody wants to say it, but I will: I’m worried that Steve Jobs is sick,” SteveJack writes over in our Opinion section today.

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  1. Thank you, SteveJack. I’ve been wrestling with this since I saw the keynote.

    I thought it was just my paranoid side getting the better of me, but I suspected this also.

    I pray all is well.

  2. He may have been tired, he may have had a bug, he may have just lost weight, it may be nothing at all. I’m sure if something is wrong he’ll have been to a doctor and if it is bad then we’ll find out just like we did before. There’s even less reason to speculate about this than there is to speculate about all these amazing products Apple is supposed to be launching each week.

  3. The gaunt-bearded look took me by surrpise. I’ll blissfully assume that the man is under alot of pressure: Pixar, Disney, Apple and the latest stock grant irregularities.
    Stay well Steve!

  4. My friend went on a honeymoon earlier this year in Maui. On a day hike at one of the islands scenic spots he came across Steve and family exploring the terrain…Steve on a vacation I would assume.

    Speculation of sickly Steve, Steve laid up in a bed, gathering enough strength to give a keynote IS JUST RIDICULOUS.

  5. Ill or not, taking attention away from him and placing it primarily on Apple’s products is a good move. At some point, the torch will have to be passed. Better sooner than later, while he can groom the up-and-comers. Do people expect him to be 103 years old giving keynotes? “And one more thing… I can’t find my glasses.”

  6. Although I’ve thought the same thing, I think the tag-team keynote was just a way of not forcing the CEO to have to spend and hour and a half going through a memorized software demostration. I do think he finally realized that a lot of what he does at these things (e.g. showing off new iMovie templates) is beneath him.

    Save Steve for the big announcements.

  7. I’m a bit tired of reading about Steve’s health because he looks absolutely fine to me and I have no reason to suspect he’s unwell just because he has dropped a few pounds. Yes, the keynote was a little different than others, but not hugely because Steve has often stepped aside to let other people demonstrate the more techy demos. Steve loves showing off the consumer side of things and that seems to be his passion.

    So I think we should all stop going on about this. He looked good and healthy to me! Let’s focus on the cool stuff: Leopard is going to kick Vista’s ass!

  8. that is the exactly samething i have though when i saw steve came out the stage. but after a couple min, i think he is just fine, he was using his own tone, made joke…etc. Also he keep socalize with press and developer after the keynote. base on overall, he is fine, he may just start to workout and become a health man, so teh he can keep running the Apple for more years.

  9. I have watched every Steve Jobs keynote since his return to Apple.

    I was so excited to learn about Leopard, I did not notice at first.

    Then when I watched the presentation the second time around I noticed Steve’s weight loss.

    Plus, my wife noticed the missing “sparkle”.

    I wish Steve well. If he needs to leave Apple, either for fun or for health, Apple will be just fine.

    People tend to think they know celebrities. I don’t know Steve Jobs. But he has been an inspiration for me. His attention to detail, his presentation, his entrepreneurship, his vision, his leadership.

    Lets be positive and hope everything is ok.

  10. Speaking as a bit of podgester, I think Steve looks good.

    He’s probably back to the weight he was in the early Eighties, but subjectively it just looks worse because a) we’re all a little paranoid since he had the health scare and b) because he doesn’t have the hair he did when he was in his mid-twenties.

    As for the keynote tag-team, maybe he’s mellowing in his middle age and has decided to de-emphasise the SPJ personality cult which, at times, makes anything going on in North Korea look quite normal and reasonable.

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