“In his opening keynote at the Apple Developer Conference in San Francisco, Steve Jobs showed off Apple’s newest version of OS X, called leopard, and with it, Apple and Jobs have again redefined what an operating system should look like and given competitors something to think about,” Tim Bajarin writes for Technology Pundits.

“In fact, this new Mac OS leaves Microsoft’s Vista in the dust as it delivers a very robust and imaginative approach to integrating the operating system and applications into a more seamless architecture,” Bajarin writes. “Job’s and team also poked fun at Vista with banners that said ‘Hasta la vista, Vista’ and ‘Mac OS X Leopard, Vista 2.0.'”

Bajarin covers Apple’s Leopard announcements in detail, calls Time Machine, “the best auto back up system I have seen for PC’s, bar none,” and concludes, “All in all, Apple has again set the bar for what a PC OS should look like and is on track to continue making the Mac OS the best PC based operating system on the market and is sure to give Microsoft and even the Linux crowd a real run for the money in the future.”

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And Leopard’s “top secret” stuff hasn’t even been revealed, yet!

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