Analyst: Apple’s new Mac OS X Leopard sets new bar, leaves Microsoft’s Vista in the dust

“In his opening keynote at the Apple Developer Conference in San Francisco, Steve Jobs showed off Apple’s newest version of OS X, called leopard, and with it, Apple and Jobs have again redefined what an operating system should look like and given competitors something to think about,” Tim Bajarin writes for Technology Pundits.

“In fact, this new Mac OS leaves Microsoft’s Vista in the dust as it delivers a very robust and imaginative approach to integrating the operating system and applications into a more seamless architecture,” Bajarin writes. “Job’s and team also poked fun at Vista with banners that said ‘Hasta la vista, Vista’ and ‘Mac OS X Leopard, Vista 2.0.'”

Bajarin covers Apple’s Leopard announcements in detail, calls Time Machine, “the best auto back up system I have seen for PC’s, bar none,” and concludes, “All in all, Apple has again set the bar for what a PC OS should look like and is on track to continue making the Mac OS the best PC based operating system on the market and is sure to give Microsoft and even the Linux crowd a real run for the money in the future.”

Full article here.
And Leopard’s “top secret” stuff hasn’t even been revealed, yet!

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  1. My guess on the “Top Secret features” has to do with next gen Front Row Tivo like functionality and a Movie Service which will most likely be introduced alongside a new iPod Video.


  2. Naah, it’s probably an advanced way to both hide and backup your downloaded porn collection from the missus. Though, I’m a miss and I’ve got quite the collection myself. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. The whole “Top Secret” concept is the perfect way for them to hold another event in the coming months.
    “Apple: Declassified” will be the image on the invitation to media outlets.
    M$ has no time to start their photocopiers as they can’t even get the features they promised crammed into their OS, let alone trying to emulate a new feature that they saw Apple developing.

    MW=served. Yes, M$, you officially have been.

  4. Amazing, amazing marketing. Just like car dealers.

    Nothing in Leopard so far is worth some $130 upgrade. Most of those tricks are freeware, shareware, etc., available all over the place.

    As for the MacPro… Apple must have lots of those alum enclosures in warehouses somewhere and, soon as they are gone, we’ll see something special in the next gen MacPro.

    Will you wait, as you should, or hop aboard like Steve’s lemmings always seem to do?

    My MasterCard is in my pocket where it will stay until Apple delivers, as they should, some real reason to get excited about a new OS or Intel anything.

  5. I love my MacBook, but this dude is an idiot.

    I do think best was saved for last, and i hope we will get a brand new Front Row, redesigned UI and Finder in Leopard. Otherwise, i have no plans to use Time Machine (not enough hard disk space) and Spaces is ugly (we already have Expose). ToDos and RSS in Mail, please we already have Safari and iCal. iChat, while great, whats the point without support for Yahoo and Messenger. Core Animation is great for developers, but not for my inegrated graphics. I like though things added to Dashboard.

  6. Apple must have lots of those alum enclosures in warehouses somewhere and, soon as they are gone, we’ll see something special in the next gen MacPro.


    Yeah, right.. Apple and Intel engineers spent all that time and money re-designing the interior of the PowerMac chasis so that they can scrap it once run out of aluminum enclosures… I don’t think so. That design will be here for at least several years to come.

  7. The Top Secret parts:

    – Totally new Finder. Spotlight BECOMES Finder. Spacial interface via Core Animation, but with all data shown as search results.

    – GUI is built with Core Animation in mind. Total 3D interface (while retaining traditional view as a preset).

    – Front Row II, with TV recording capabilities, iChat fullscreen, RSS headline browsing and e-book viewing.

  8. Well, the analyst certainly sounds positive…but that is easily the worst-written summary of the keynote I could feasibly imagine.

    The spelling/grammar was atrocious. The article failed to capitalise “Leopard” and “Core Animation”, and had “stationary” instead of “stationery”, as well as having generally bad style.

    And more importantly, it completely missed the point (or failed to get it across) for many of the features. In the description of Time Machine, backing up is mentioned almost as an afterthought, in a way that makes me wonder whether the writer actually had any idea what the feature was for. Mentioning integration between apps is all very well, but that’s not what the “Complete Package” section was actually about.

    He doesn’t touch upon half of Spotlight’s new features, the quality text-to-speech feature, or Dashcode. Mail’s features are described badly. But the big one is Spaces – if anyone who doesn’t already know what the feature is could get any idea of it from his description, I’d be amazed.

    All in all, decent marks for effort, bonus for positive attitude, but a big ‘fail’ for actually creating an intelligible or comprehensive summary.

  9. Who here thinks “Spaces” will eventually have instant Boot Camp features. Switching to windows without haveing to shut down or run it virtually. I mean what else can they do to boot camp after version 1.0. If they get it to run correctly then its job is done and over. Vesrsion 1 is all that needs there to be.

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